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Craymo Dances With His Emotions In New Electronic Single, “My Intuition”

Hailing from Orlando, Florida, is singer-songwriter and electro-pop recording artist Craymo with his speaker-busting new single, "My Intuition."

The award-winning indie LGBTQ artist first stepped into the music scene as a male vocalist on Star Search '89 alongside Ed McMahon. Having released a stellar lineup of tunes since 2013 and opened for acts like Smash Mouth, Ozomatli, and Fishbone, Craymo's also has landed several sync placements in TV shows and indie films.

Now releasing his newest single, "My Intuition," Craymo is turning up the heat with speaker-pounding drums, electrifying synths, and passionate vocals that keep our attention locked. The track makes it easy to understand just why Craymo has managed to not only survive but thrive in the music industry for years.

Hitting play on "My Intuition," the journey begins with intense pulsating drums and rhythmic synths that pounce through the speakers with passion. As Craymo makes his warm vocal appearance, he dives into a daydream of a lady in red and wonders if he should make his move. But, with so many decisions running around his mind, Craymo ramps up the energy and belts his emotions on the hook.

He makes one thing clear: he must never stray away from his intuition, even though it might tear him up inside. All while he's making these crucial realizations, the song's epic production keeps the energy high with anticipation-packed build-ups that lead to chilling beat drops. It's a stimulating, meaningful, dynamic track that demands your attention from start to finish.

Looking for electronic music with meaning? Feast your ears on Craymo's latest release, "My Intuition," now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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