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Craymo Releases an Anthem for Pride Month Entitled, "Be Myself"

From New York State to Florida, the inspirational singer-songwriter and versatile artist Craymo releases a powerful anti-bullying message with his latest single and music video, "Be Myself."

As music seemed to possess his soul from a young age, Craymo couldn't help but imitate the acts and artists that inspired his musical journey. Also, an inspirational LGBTQ+ artist, Craymo never fails to leave the listener with a bounty of motivation and drive to live the life they want.

Serving a powerful message with his latest single and music video, "Be Myself," Craymo went into detail regarding his tribulations growing up gay and living in the closet until he felt accepted. "The best advice I could give someone who is struggling with their sexuality is don't put a label on yourself, just be you, love yourself, love who you are as a person and as a human being," mentioned Craymo.

Directed by Stas Ivanov in Craymo's hometown of Florida, his music video for "Be Myself" begins with a powerful entrance by Craymo strutting his stuff and exclaiming his desires to be himself and not abide by the boring norms of cisgender society. With a crisp transition, we're met with shots of Craymo's friend in drag walking Florida's runway and exclaiming their inner freedom.

As another friend joins the party and encourages us to live how we want, the three friends later make their way down to patios, parks, subway stations and eventually land at Craymo's concert. We adore the message within this music video, as any viewer is bound to feel a sense of relief, inspiration, and freedom after their first viewing.

Catch the motivational words of Craymo's latest single, "Be Myself," on all streaming platforms, and find the lively music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Craymo. We genuinely appreciate the powerful anti-bullying message you've delivered within your recent single and music video, "Be Myself." When did you begin feeling compelled and inspired to create this powerful single?

Thank you so much. Growing up gay was a very difficult journey for me, as it is for most people who are struggling with their sexuality, and I lived for many years in the closet, pretending to be someone I wasn’t, trying to conform to the “norms” of society. I was a late bloomer and didn’t come out until I was 39 years old. It was such a freeing experience to just be me, living my authentic life. I got the idea a couple of years ago after reading story after story of people being bullied just for their behavior and the way they looked, also stories of young kids struggling with their sexuality and sexual identity. I wanted to create an uplifting song of empowerment that says you do not have to conform or put a label on yourself, a song that gives you the confidence to just be yourself no matter what anyone else thinks.

What was it like working with director Stas Ivanov for your music video, "Be Myself?" How did she help bring your ideas to life?

Stas Ivanov is the coolest guy! He is a super talented photographer and filmmaker originally from the Soviet Union that now lives in Orlando, Florida. We met through a mutual friend involved with OIF, Orlando Independent Filmmakers where I have acted in several indie films. We met for coffee and I told him I had this cool song with an anti-bullying message that I wanted to create a music video for. We bounced ideas and came up with the concept for the video! Be Myself was nominated for Best Pop Video in the Indie Music Channel Awards in Los Angeles.

What was the shooting process like for "Be Myself" when working alongside your friends? Was this an easy and enjoyable process?

Filming the music video was a blast, we shot it in 3 days in 4 or 5 locations. A few of my friends came together to make it happen, Carmelo, Shelly, Breanna, and the super talented Naomi Lee, a local drag performer all volunteered their time to help get this anti-bullying message out. We all had a blast. They loved lip-syncing the song too!

Do you normally release music that touches on necessary topics like anti-bullying and living life unapologetically? Or was "Be Myself" merely inspired by pride month?

Yes, I want to be remembered as someone who fought for social change. I released a song “Moment” for suicide prevention awareness after my first cousin took his own life, to hopefully help other people from doing the same. We all have difficult moments in our lives, we just have to remember that it’s just a moment, things will change, it will get better. The lyrics say: “I’m having a moment but I’m having a good day!” After 9/11 happened I released a song “One Love One World” about world peace, equality, unity, togetherness, and human rights. The message of the song is we are all part of the human race, We all need to get along and make this world a better place for all of us. I am planning on releasing a new version of it this year for the 20th anniversary. The music video has over 150,000 views and won Best Music Video in the Worldwide Music Contest!

Do you have any other releases planned for the summer season?

Yes, hehe, I have a few surprises I am working on! Maybe a cool Madonna cover song, you never know! You’ll have to follow my Spotify to hear them first! I just released an 80’s remix of my dance song Give Me Your Love that will make you relive that era! My music for the most part is about fun and joy. I hope it puts a smile on your face!


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