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Crazy City Runs this Town as The Wolf of New York

When you’re The Wolf of New York you have time to focus on the cold hard reality that you want to bring forth in your craft. That’s exactly how Hip-hop artist Crazy City approaches his sonic conscious visions. He teamed up with fellow artists, M6, Mad Bling, and JG for the release of his most recent single, “Knew Me.”

Expressing a smooth southpaw flow with the captivating essence that is Crazy City, we are submerged in mesmerizing lyricism that drips in over the top confidence. Illustrating vivid imagery in the pictorial rhyme schemes he demonstrates, we find the messaging in “Knew Me,” to touch on the representation of how people will think they know the real you, but as soon as you enter the evolution phase that we all go through, they put on a façade and terminate the relationship where it stands. As he fervently raps about what he has endured to get himself to the place he is in now, Crazy City packs a punch in the manner in which he dazzles us with nostalgia waves with a heartfelt message as the head honcho.

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