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CrimsonMuzik Releases “On Me”

CrimsonMuzik is a 28 year old lyrical hotshot from Harrisonburg, Virginia who started his own recording company in 2012. He’s been financially independent through his music since 2013; However, he only recently decided he wanted to pursue music. The way we can describe CrimsonMuzik style is the cocky flex-rap subgenre of hip hop, but mixed with the internal struggle, external success, spiritual lessons, infectious melodies, and more.

CrimsonMuzik released his single titled “On Me” and it begins with an instant contagious melody before the hyphy head-banging beat transitions in creating a bluesy hip-hop element or as we may know it, Rnb mixed with a little bit trap. Besides the wavy beat, CrimsonMuzik had us head bopping to the music due to the way he rode the beat effortlessly throughout the entire song. Despite CrimsonMuzik categorizing himself as a hip-hop artist, by listening to “On Me” we see the capability of him crossing over to smooth-sailing Rnb if he chose to. I mean, some artists just have that versatile appeal where you see them transporting into something more multifaceted in the music game. “On Me” is the urban tune for the summer lovers whose urging for them fun, up-beat and vibrant music that promotes good vibes and radiates positive energy. “On Me” hits the bulls-eye with its charismatic nature and uninhibited appearance. If you need a quality song to add to your mood playlists where you just want to relieve stress and have a little fun then Crimson Muzik’s “On Me” is the song for you!

Listen to "On Me" and get to know more about CrimsonMuzik below!

Hello! Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and what inspired you to start making music?

Hey thanks so much for the opportunity! I go by CrimsonMuzik, I'm 28 years old from Harrisonburg Virginia. I started rapping when I was in high school just to pass time with a friend of mine, but really got serious with it around 2009. My dad is an internationally known bluegrass musician, so I think music is in my DNA honestly, but hip hop inspired me the most because it's so competitive and descriptive in nature. In 2012 I started CrimsonMuzik Vocalz, a company where we write and record custom vocals to be used in competition mixes for cheer and dance teams all over the world. Since 2013 I've financially sustained by that business and continued to build it to where now we have a roster of over 10 vocalists all over the US serving clients all over the world. In 2016 I began focusing on building a fan base around my original music. I've been lucky enough to open for several national acts including The Ying Yang Twins, Ces Cru, Ren Thomas, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton, Bezz Believe, and more.

Tell us about “On Me” and the meaning behind it?

On Me is a pure vibe for real. On Me means that I can take it. It means bringing your baggage into conversations with people who truly care about you instead of burying it thinkin' it'll go away. It means I'm willing and wanting to help you shoulder the load in life. It's not exclusively about me, but rather it's the way all true friends should act.. that's what I believe anyway and this song is specifically meant for the ones that agree.

What inspired you to write “On Me”?

I was shopping Cxdy's beats online one day and when I heard the joint I knew it was gonna be dope. I don't normally do melody driven songs as much, but this one really opened me up to the new wave in hip hop right now. As far as the inspo behind the lyrics... I just knew that a lot of people that have been supporting me off jump needed to be acknowledged in a fun way that we could chill over. I wanted to communicate the conversations we'd had about feeling overwhelmed in various relationships, stresses from work, and everything else that wears on you when you chase dreams, but ultimately do it in a positive vibe because the stress we've all gone through has brought us to new successes.

What were some challenges you’ve faced in creating “On Me” and how did you overcome?

I guess more than anything the hardest part was sticking to the rhythm and not making it too complex. I'm very analytical and can overthink things in .5 seconds if I'm not careful... I mix and master all my own music in my own studio so I'm blessed to be able to record any and every idea that comes to mind, but with this joint I had to commit to letting it be the vibe that I heard when the beat first played which was definitely new. I think it came out great though and the response so far has been amazing! I think got over 5k streams in the first 2 days of being out and now playlists are starting to pick it up too, so I think it's gonna do well. I'm just glad the homies rock with it, everything else is a bonus!

What’s next for you?

My goal for 2019 is to develop consistency in releasing music. I watch a lot of Gary Vee videos on IG and one thing that stuck out was he was talking to Kyle (iSpy ft. Lil Yachty) about releasing music, and I remember he said something along the lines of "why keep anything in the vault? It's your story" something like that anyway.. essentially he was saying that if you like a record, in today's music industry (especially if you're an up and comer) you need to release everything! Spotify is my new blog. That's how I see it. I want everyone to get the clearest picture of me, not some manufactured narrative. So that being said, this year I'm dropping at least one single every month. Learning to make beats better and faster so that I can own every part of the productions, and lastly I'm really focused on speed writing lately. I feel like its cathartic in a sense. Almost like I'm writing things before I realized I felt them which is really dope. This year, and going forward, there's going to be plenty of music for everyone that's rockin' with me. Thank you so much for giving me a platform to tell more people about my music and what I'm putting together.


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