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Critically Acclaimed Artist Kram Releases Emotional Song "Ferma il mondo voglio scendere"

Kram is a critically acclaimed artist with 4x platinum certification under his belt. As a songwriter, Rosario has written for icons that include Snreme Giovani, Anna Tatangelo, and Tecla Insolia. Kram's sound can be described as polished and emotional dance-pop. Later in 2017 Rosario had signed a recording contract with Metro Records and gave birth to his stage name; Kram.

Kram's latest song "Ferma il mondo voglio scendere (Stop the world, I want to get off)" is an emotional pop experience speaking about world important world issues from bullying, corruption, suicide, homophobia, and loss of faith. It features calm yet energetic electronica synths, patient drums, and gorgeous emotional vocals. Kram's vocal performance is what completes the song. It has a very polished yet emotional and raw feel to it. The production of the song is reminiscent of the best of the 2000s pop but with a more modern vocal performance and production. The songwriting of "Ferma il mondo voglio scendere" paints a beautiful story in your mind with the aid of Rosario's beautiful catchy melodies. Despite the song being in Italian, there is a strong emotional connection in place and anyone is able to listen and see the story unfold in their head.

Listen to "Ferma il mondo voglio scendere" here.

Hello Kram! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your latest single "Ferma il mondo voglio scendere" cannot get out of our heads! Could you talk to us a bit about the story that you had originally had written it about? What had inspired the song?

When I wrote this song, I would not have imagined that it would have been released during such a high health emergency due to the coronavirus. The release of the song was scheduled before this problem touched the world. The text was born from the need to describe all the evils of the world and to be able to say: "Enough" to all this. It is also an invocation to someone up there but also a cry of hope that wants to encourage everyone not to be afraid and not to stop. I want to remember that we must be proud of being human, that we are not machines and that "we are not alone in the middle of the universe".

The track has a familiar yet modern feel in the production to it. How was the track recorded and produced? Was there a particular element that was created first and used as a foundation?

This song, like all the ones I write, was born piano and voice. Then it was my producer, Antonello Bruzzese, who gave this sound to the song that tries to combine our Italian language with international elements that make everything more special.

It must feel incredible to have a credit with a project that is 4x platinum, how did you initially feel when that was happening? Was there ever a feeling during the songwriting of "this is a hit"?

It's a beautiful satisfaction. When you have the opportunity to collaborate with great artists and then your work rewards you with a great response from the public. Surely when you write or work on a project, the first judgment is what you do yourself but in reality, your perspective does not always correspond to that of the listeners and even the results do not depend only on a single factor especially in a very small market like the Italian one.

You definitely have your own unique sound to your music, who or what are your influences for the music you're creating? Do you have any idols?

The great songwriters of Italian and current history have always inspired me in my music: De Gregori, Tiziano Ferro, Jovanotti. However, in my way of writing, I always look for a way to be as authentic as possible, to free my emotions as much as possible and to look for new and captivating languages that can stimulate the attention of the listener.

What can fans anticipate next from you, Kram?

Of course, I invite everyone to stay connected on our official social pages: Kram on Facebook, @krammusic on Instagram and the official YouTube channel KRAM because soon the video clip of the last single will be released which will be truly extraordinary. Also, in a few months, my first album will be released so I'll wait for you at the first INSTORE and the first concerts. Sorry for my not perfect English and thanks for the interview.


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