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Cross Parallel Sings of Love That Grows, "Better With Time"

The Canadian couple and country duo Cross Parallel pay tribute to the power of love through their forthcoming EP's lead single entitled "Better With Time."

Having met in 2015 after a song-write, the likes of Danielle Marie and Jordan Pritchett have been soaring their way through the country music scene. Now garnering over 200k interactions on all streaming platforms, Cross Parallel is excited to continue taking the music industry by storm as they prepare to release their forthcoming debut EP.

Recently releasing the EP's lead single, "Better With Time," Cross Parallel takes time to highlight the extravagance and glory that love has to offer. With help from their relatable lyrics and comforting sound, Cross Parallel invites listeners to play their single at full blast with the top down all summer long.

"Better With Time" opens with layered acoustic and electric guitars that twang and pick their way to our hearts. As Jordan begins vocalizing picturesque scenes of a passionate relationship, he emphasizes the fact that their love only gets better with time. As the bright and organic brass instrumentation begins piercing through the song, the entire atmosphere transforms into this rejuvenating and youthful space that takes us back to the good old times.

As Daniella makes her delicate vocal appearance while offering her delightful harmonies alongside Jordan, the two truly bring us into the chilling and transcendent feeling that true love has to offer. We're more than excited to hear what Cross Parallel has up their sleeve regarding their forthcoming EP, as its lead single gets us ready to experience a sonic breath of fresh air.

Immerse yourself into the otherworldly sensations of love through Cross Parallel's recent single, "Better With Time," and stay up to date with the duo as they prepare to release their forthcoming debut EP later in 2021.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cross Parallel. We're genuinely enamored by the overall sense of passion and joy you've delivered within your single, "Better With Time." What inspired you to pay tribute to your relationship through the creation of this single?

Thank you so much for having us here for a chat and we’re so happy to hear you like the song! Better With Time was written to pay tribute to each other, and also to other couples who stand the test of time and grow together. We’ve learned that a strong relationship requires growth individually and together as a team and evolves over time. Our hope is that when it is released, long-time couples will feel like this can be a fun anthem for their relationship!

Could you take us through your creative process for "Better With Time"? Who handled the instrumentals and lyric writing? Did you work with any producers or engineers along the way?

Better With Time was born in Nashville at a co-write we did with Brandon Green and Derek Norsworthy. Danielle had the song idea in her phone that she’d been wanting to work on, and it matched perfectly with the ideas the other guys brought to the write. We had a blast writing this one and think it comes through in the track! We actually produced it ourselves with the help of a very talented group. It was recorded in The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver with some of our favorite musicians and our talented engineer Sheldon Zaharko. Everyone in the studio was feeling the fun vibe we had intended the song to have when we wrote it!

Being that you're also a couple, do you ever face any challenges when creating music together, or does your chemistry overpower these tribulations?

Oh, of course, we do! For the most part, creatively, we are on the same page with our vision, but like everything else in our relationship, we grow through the challenges and are more understanding of each other as time goes on.

Why did you choose to release "Better With Time" as the lead single for your forthcoming EP? How does the single represent what we should expect from the entire project?

We had a few songs in mind, but it felt like this one best represents where we’re at right now. We recently got engaged in December and we were heading into the studio in January and the time just felt right! What we can tell you about our upcoming EP is that every song is either written or co-written and produced by us. Each song will have a slightly different vibe and production, but all very much “us”. Driven by our harmonies, strong musicianship, and some pretty powerful and relatable lyrics. We are beyond excited to get “Better With Time” and the upcoming EP out to the world and see what everyone thinks! Thanks so much for having us on here. Until next time!

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