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Crushing in Pink, Saneit Brings it Home in "Rite Now"

Hailing from the west side of Chicago, R&B singer and songwriter, Saneit is the new R&B sensation. The Chicago native has spent the last few years establishing her name in the ever-changing music circuit; growing and displaying chameleon-like diversity by developing and switching up her sound with every new release.

Dipping into the nostalgic hues that immerse us in the tantalizing sounds of Saneit, her most recent album, “CRUSH II,” a sequel to the previously released ‘CRUSH,’ has us spiraling with the syncopated quintessence of Saneit that touches on a Contemporary illustration of R&B tenors.

The third song placed on the tracklist for all to hear is, “Rite Now.” An enthralling ballad that has us hung up on every slow to a mid-tempo melody that flairs this record into a new-fangled dimension of charismatic timbres melodically flowing.

Saneit performs in a universe that caters to not only her angelic reverberations filling the sound waves, but to the unapologetic emcee-like delivery that has her serenading us in a well-rounded portrayal of her artistic talents on a silver platter. As “Rite Now,” advances in a thoroughly elevated atmosphere of harmonies, you feel the prevailing musical tones swarming in poignant offerings of her personal experiences.

Crafting relevant substance for her fan base to gush over, the mystical soundscape of the sensual energy revealed in the songwriting techniques of Saneit, sends us overboard. With ‘CRUSH II,'' featuring writing and production from SpunkBigga, 808Terell, Rozart, Jish B, Mike Spence, Jordan Ryan Bailey, A-Train, and Hitman Audio we sip on the opulent transmission of Saneit’s generous offerings for that much longer.




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