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Crystal Drake Gets "Deep" in Her Most Recent Song Offering

Soulful pop singer/songwriter Crystal Drake possesses an articulated and refined quality to her voice that gives a goosebump-worthy effect. As a passionate artist, Crystal Drake puts her efforts into uplifting her listening base by integrating impactful lyricism into her songs. She strives to celebrate femininity as well as the realities surrounding the female culture. Her latest poignant offering? "Deep," which comes at the most complimentary time, as we're desperately in need of a great, moving tune.

Crystal Drake is well-known for her impressionable vocal style. She's able to pack such intense emotion into her voice that it is naturally outdoors to any listening ear. This characteristic of her artistry is quickly revealed in "Deep," a song that she took to heart.

Giving an almost unplugged atmosphere in terms of vocals, "Deep" is a song that offers a ton for its listeners to extract and infer. The song delivers a narrative that may provoke some intriguing thoughts of your own, and you'll most definitely understand Crystal Drake in a way with more depth.

Overall, "Deep" contained energy that was fixating in totality, and Crystal Drake was able to perform with quality authenticity.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Crystal Drake, and congratulations on releasing "Deep," a soulful and affecting single. What moved you to create this particular song?

I was moved to write this song after experiencing an unexpected, deep decompression during my city's shelter-in-place order. When performances, travel demands, and social engagements stopped I watched my own energy settle like an agitated carbonated soda going flat. It wasn't until I had permission to stop moving that I realized how tired I was of going, going, going. The song is a prayer for more awareness of ourselves, a reach for power to stop the dial of time and meet one another in a less shallow, more present, and attuned place. Did "Deep" have any relevance regarding your own personal life?

Yes, the song was me watching myself - deep tired, deep hungry, deep worried - for what? Nothing was missing but the ability to quiet down. What was the integral message you were hoping was the main takeaway for its listeners?

Permission to observe and meet yourself in the deepest truth, knowing others will meet you there. And, ultimately, permission to rest. Are you content with the way "Deep" was generated? How was the songwriting and recording process for you?

Yes, very much so. The melody and lyrics came at the same time and I was singing both as if I was floating above myself, like the ghost of Christmas past (from The Christmas Carol), except me talking to myself. The production started simply, it was just drums and those angel bells because of the melancholy, reflective mood. I introduced the intense bass the next morning because I was like - this message is important! we have to listen up! I think it did the trick.

As a vocalist that has an incredibly distinguishable tone, would you say you're one to frequently practice your vocal style, or is it one that comes naturally to you?

I LOVE this question. I've taken and taught voice lessons for years so have strong opinions on "natural" talent. Yes, the voice I record my own songwriting with is natural and 'lazy' to me, it is instinctual instead of performative but it has been rehearsed for decades. As a child, I transcribed hours of Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men vocalizations. In college, I devoted myself to jazz singers like Carmen McRae and Ella Fitgerald. After running into vocal problems from a heavy rotation of gigs, I revisited the classical training of my youth thanks to an amazing speech pathologist and a dear friend with a degree in vocal pedagogy. And I've recently developed a healthy obsession with Whitney Houston! in adulthood! The work never stops, you can always sound better, healthier. Always. Singing is a sport.

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