CTC Shows Us Their Drip

CTC is a new Hip Hop boy band emerging out of the Canadian music scene consisting of Ace, Kaiba, Pascal and BK fire. Best friends since high school, the four members say they are "just warming up" and have big plans coming for their expanding fan base. Drenched in head-banging drums, infectious melodies and their own unique drip, this anonymous group are steady on a mission, to spread contagious CTC energy and create a killer wave in the hip hop universe. They released their single “Drippin’” and showcased their crisp swag, stylistic approach to hip hop music. With trendy usage of auto-tune and a dope supporting beat, CTC is a marketable group with a lot of talent that will take them far! The phenomenon of boy bands are usually the preppy corny pop songs aiming towards the young ladies. However, CTC brings something incredibly new to the community of boy bands. Each member has their own individual characteristic about them that helps mesh well into one unit. We’re almost positive these boys will be ‘drippin’ a long way with the right kind of music. You can listen to their single here and connect with them on social media!

You can listen to their single "Drippin'" here and be sure to connect with them on social media!

How did the four of you meet exactly in High School!?

We were all friends with each other in high school, but we were all busy in our own lanes doing our thing, and never really chilled together as a group until our senior year.  BK was a soccer star, Kaiba basketball team captain, and Pascal was friends with everyone in our high school.  The ace was a fob in grade 10 when he came to our high school (he freshly immigrated from Africa) and his first friend in our high school was Pascal. Pascal taught him the basics of Canadian life and helped him a lot throughout high school, they were best friends from the get go.   The ace got onto the senior basketball team in grade 12, and that’s when him and Kaiba really became good friends.  What truly connected us all was kush. We all became best friends when we started smoking together, listening to music and just talking about shit.  We would always have these freestyle sessions and the vibe was always dope, we never really knew it then, but it was the spark of the CTC energy that grew into the music we make today. The kush connected us.

Besides music, what are some of you guys personal hobbies?

Kaiba is in pharmacy school, in his last year and he loves basketball.  Also an avid reader and into spirituality.  Pascal is a workaholic, been working and helping in providing for his family since early high school. In his downtime he’s mixing records and playing nba 2k.  The Ace is an anime Junkie, knows everything about most series. Also works non stop.  Bk is an accountant, soon to be chartered accountant, and a former soccer star. When he’s not making beats (CTC’s main producer), he spends most his downtime slapping kids in Fortnite. 

How does the Canadian music scene differ from the American music scene?

To be honest we’re brand new to the scene. We don’t know how the Canadian music scene truly is, nor the American music scene.  One thing for sure is that our personalities are much different in different parts of Canada compared to others. (eg: west coast BC side,Vs. east coast Ontario region) Then, If we look at Canadians compared to Americans, things are waaay different in many ways, going down to personality, values, content we talk about and what we as artists represent and what we’re trying to promote to our fans.  We’ll have more insight into the differences as we progress more into the music scene. 

How would you interpret “Drippin” for our readers?

“I’m Drippin’ Ye, I’m Drippin - I got diamonds on my waist, Bitch I’m Drippin” This song speaks for itself. It’s about just doing your thing, feeling yourself and not being afraid to express yourself and have to feel you have to mold yourself to fit in with people, your friends and society. It’s about making your own waves, connecting with yourself and being comfortable being yourself all the time without filtering and pretending/restricting ourselves. It’s hard to do, but we gotta stay true to ourselves, cause that genuine energy is what we’re made to spread and give out.  Do your own thing, stay in your own lane and flex every now and then. We all stars baby, we can’t let anyone’s opinion dull our shine. 

What’s the best part about being in a group with each other?

The CTC energy when we’re together is just so powerful. When we’re fully locked in and have a studio session going it’s just dope as hell.  In a group everyone brings something to the table. When you have 4 mans with natural talent, good work ethic, the same values pushing for the same vision, and they bring their own drip and style to the table....man that shit is powerful.  It’s so crucial to have people with you on your journey. It takes a lot of pressure off a single individual; honestly, if we were doing it alone, I think we would’ve given up by now.  

Connect with CTC on social media:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ctc_sound/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ctcsound?lang=en

Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/ctc_productions/drippin