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CTuck Reminds Us That Everything is Going to be Okay on “Link"

The Cleveland based Hip-Hop artist CTuck can be described as someone who makes “Playa Rap Tunes”.

Taking sonic inspirations from the ‘90s and then modernizing it to create a unique flair, CTuck is an artist who isn’t afraid to stray from common songwriting ideas and often uses the themes of being normal in his music. Recently releasing a project title “A Trip To Riverside” and now CTuck’s newest single “Link” we were blown away from CTucks artistry and were fully engaged from start to end.

“Link” opens up with a lo-fi exciting intro that is reminiscent of classic Childish Gambino tracks before exploding in the verse with a freestyle-like verse from CTuck that is full of vibe. With each lyric, CTuck perfectly encompasses the feeling of being carefree and just doing whatever you feel like doing.

Complimented by an ever so chill vocal performance by CTuck, “Link” takes us out to the comfort of our backyards where we hear a grill firing up and we already know we are about to have an amazing time.

Whether it’s a pandemic, a bad party, or a breakup, we know that CTuck will be there to make us feel good and remind us that it is all part of life within his music.

Listen to “Link“ here.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic CTuck. Your latest release “Link” brings us out to our backyards to where we know everything will be alright. Was this something you wanted to achieve with this release? What does the song mean to you?

Well honestly with everything happening in the world you got police brutality, the coronavirus, and so forth I figured that type of song was needed because it provides a way to give your mind a break from all of that even if it’s for three minutes lol. We’re loving the carefree and laid back performance from you, what was the songwriting process like to come up with this? Did the performance come during the recording or did that come after?

Honestly, that’s my actual everyday demeanor. Cool, calm, and collected ever since I was a kid people often mistake it as being nonchalant which is not the case at all life is too short to get bent out of shape about everything enjoy what you can, don’t worry about the things you can’t change or do anything about, and always view the glass half full. With your own style being “Playa Rap Tunes”, how do you feel that this style has pushed the boundaries of what hip-hop is capable of? How do you try to push yourself away from the crowd and stand out?

I feel that my style is unique as I tell people I’m not a rapper I just chop game over rap beats. The way that I way is actually the way I converse with people so when you’re listening to my music whether you’re zoned out, sober, or under the influence, it feels like I’m actually sitting next to you having a conversation.  With your recent releases “Link” and “A Trip To Riverside”, what type of musical direction do you see yourself going in with future releases? Do you have any goals you are aiming to achieve?

As far as the musical direction is concerned I feel like I’ve pretty much found my sound as some would say so I want to pretty much continue to crank out relatable/enjoyable music for the listeners and have fun doing it, and as far as goals mainly focusing on broadening my audience garnering more exposure and opportunity to expand my career. What else could we expect for 2020?

Definitely more music, definitely more visuals to go along with the music, and whenever the world fully reopens definitely some dope/interactive live performances. Just got to stay tapped in.



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