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Curtis Casey Releases Stripped Down, Acoustic Version of “Crying”

Born in Avondale, Arizona, Curtis Casey is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who grew up exposing himself to music and nature. He has always been entranced by a musician’s ability to connect with their audience through authentic lyricism. In 2006, he released an album called 'Children of Our Mistakes' as a member of the band Vayden. Currently living in Marina Del Rey, California, Curtis Casey spends time with his wife and two sons when he is not grinding to create new music.

With his new release “Crying”, Curtis Casey brings us a stripped-down version of a Roy Orbison classic. As an artist, Curtis Casey has a strong belief in his ability to communicate emotions through a song. When he takes the time to learn a song, he puts himself in the writer's shoes at the time and is able to connect with their current situation. Through his music, Curtis Casey aims to give his fans an in-depth understanding of his feelings while he is producing his music. To him, there is no greater connection than being able to listen to the personal story behind a song and be able to say “I’ve been there.” By stripping down Roy Orbison’s classic song of heartbreak “Crying”, Curtis Casey is able to share his raw feelings through his voice and guitar. The acoustic background allows listeners to focus their attention on the lyrics, and immerse themselves in his story. By singing with such vulnerability, Curtis Casey wants to highlight Roy’s strength by admitting he is crying over a heartbreak. Curtis Casey displays his vocal range by hitting the highest of the high notes and evoking emotion through his passionate vocals. With his acoustic cover of “Crying”, Curtis Casey takes Roy Orbison’s emotion to the next level, making it easier for listeners to involve themselves in his personal story.

You can listen to "Crying" here.



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