Customary and Vintage Pop Sounds in the New Single “Lost in You” by Joshua Ryan

Born in Detroit, but now living in Los Angles, is a talented artist by the name of Joshua Ryan. Newly introduced to the music scene, Joshua has made himself noticed with his chaotic, yet peaceful balance he brings to his music. His ability to artistically find the best in good or bad situation uniquely reflects in his music. With already having some singles and other projects under his belt, Joshua Ryan has now released a new single called “Lost in You”.

As we hear the first sound chime at the beginning of the song, we can tell “Lost in You” has a very pleasant, but dissonant atmosphere to it. Vocal chops in the background, paired with swoosh-sounding effects make this track dream like. Additionally, “Lost in You”, weirdly enough, sounds like it is going to be a vintage-sound R&B song. However, Joshua Ryan hits us with a pleasant twist. He has the drums in “Lost in You” play like a dance/pop song with a constant beat, making this song flow more than a R&B song. “Lost in You” continues with the voice of Joshua Ryan coming in just moments after the intro. His vocals are very present and have a welcoming tone. However, sometimes he will hit notes that sound very tough and saturated, which pairs nicely with his theme of peaceful chaos. To me, “Lost in You” really comes together, even though it has two themes that aren’t supposed to mix well together. However, Joshua Ryan has perfect musical control over his performance and continues to impress his listeners.

Listen to "Lost in You" here.