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CXC Just Released Their Enigmatic Single “Awake” and We Can't Get Enough of It

CXC released the single titled “AWAKE”. Awake has soaring melodies, electric guitars, and dynamic soundscapes of indie-pop artists like Lana Del Rey, and more. Carmen & Camille create music with an inescapable desire to unleash moments through the song. Awake has organic guitars and retro synths taking us on a heartfelt journey that we will remember. With lyrics of hope and growth, CXC delivers a message behind the hauntingly beautiful delivery. Their vocals were so beautifully combined that it sounded like an orchestra of augmented angels serenading you into this dimension of music.

CXC emerged as their own unique indietronica sound that you will appreciate due to the originality that this record is equipped with. What we loved most about the lyricism behind “AWAKE” was how it channeled our thinking. The lyrics were poignant yet poetic, keeping us alive with our sensory feeling of thoughts and emotions. CXC elevates you with their dream-like aesthetic that’s softly produced behind classic rock components. “AWAKE” was a hazy song that you will find yourself absorbed in and completely in love with. Don’t believe us? You can take a listen for yourself and we’re certain you will become attracted to many multiple arrangements. If it isn’t their stylistic voices, it’s the production of the beat.

You can listen to “AWAKE” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic. Congratulations on all your success. What has been the most exciting project to work on?

Carmen: Thanks for having us and thank you! This new project and body of work we’re releasing have been such a journey to create and we are really proud of how it’s turned out. This music feels different for us stylistically than our previous music so we decided to release it under a new brand name, CXC.

It almost feels like starting over in a way, but we’re taking a leap of faith with a fresh start. As twin sisters with individual musical talents, was there ever doubt to working together?

Camille: Absolutely. We’ve had some ups and downs being siblings over the years but we get over fights really quickly. We established years ago that we want to make music together and we’re actually a really good team. Carmen is a badass business boss and I handle music production.

We love the airy and mellow feel to this track. What was the inspiration behind the lyrics? Are you speaking about past relationships?

Camille: This song started as a co-write with an ex-boyfriend (we are friends now, all is well). It started with the first few lines of the song and we painted in the meaning. To me, it’s about longing for something more in life and wanting to be better. Better at life and love. 

As mentioned above artists like Lana Del Rey and other indie-pop artists have influenced your sound. What is it about this artist that you find inspiring?

Camille: I love artists that are hands-on. From what I’ve read about her process she is a part of it all from the writing to the sound of her vocals. She’s at every session making sure it’s her vision that is at the core of it all. That’s important as an artist. It’s so easy to have things get away from you. I co-produced this song with two talented producers, Ken Hankins (Joy) and Gregg Allen. I’ve learned a lot about music production with them and it’s such a rewarding feeling. I start the demo and they add their ears and talents and experience. We all really work well together. I also met Lana at a Robert Plant concert. She was funny and such a babe. 

Given that “Awake” is your newest single are there more to be released within the next months? We’re dying for more!

Carmen: Yes we have an EP’s worth of songs and will be releasing a new single every month for the next while. We also have a ton of new songs that we’re dying to get recorded. It’s such a fun process and this time around we really wanted to enjoy it. The whole making of the art is what really matters. As a human, that’s the journey. It’s easy to get caught up in the business aspect of things. But we’ve taken our time and really enjoyed creating all the new music we’re about to release. 



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