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Cyadine Is Fueled By "Hatespiration"

Busting out of Fraser, Michigan, the 5-piece metal band Cyadine melts our speakers with their heated and conceptual new single, "Hatespiration."

Comprised of Eddie and Bennie Knappenberger, Noah Polston, Shane Uhl, and Aaron Gilbert, Cyadine never fails to leave an audience stunned. The band is known for delivering a solid take on old-school metal with a new, modern, and groovy twist to spice things up.

Getting to the goods, Cyadine recently dropped their fiery new single, "Hatespiration,' produced by super-producer/engineer Chuck Alkazian. This track is a blazing banger that speaks on the constant haters and uses their hate as, well, "Hatespiration." We're head over heels for this notion, and Cyadine delivers it in such an exhilarating and face-melting way.

Hitting play on the new track, "Hatespiration," we've instantly slapped Eddie Knappenberger and Noal Polston's scorching hot guitars alongside Shane Uhl's dense bass licks and Bennie Knappenberger's pounding drums. Fueling our fire is Aaron Gilbert's raspy and aggressive vocals that take us on an inspiring journey of hate; go figure.

What's even more empowering is Gilbert's gripping lyrical content that drenches our speakers in the utmost attitude, power, and motivation. We adore the idea behind this track, and Cyadine has such a way of delivering it, kicking our speakers over with a trail of smoke.

We hope listeners will take something away from such a bold and brilliant tune, and we're more than impressed with the dense and driven music Cyadine has to offer. Making their way to the outro, Cyadine leaves us laughing at the haters and their attempt to bring us down.

Channel that negative energy into something better with Cyadine's latest single, "Hatespiration," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cyadine. What a gripping and exciting journey you've taken us on with your latest single, "Hatespiration." How did your band come up with the song's empowering concept?

Thanks for having us! We came up with the concept for Hatespiration from encountering and dealing with haters/naysayers, and realizing that there’s a positive there. You can take all that negative energy and use it to your advantage by motivating yourself with the idea of proving them all wrong, and or showing them that no matter what they do or say, nothing will stop you from achieving your goals.

Could you expand on your band's creative process when formulating the instrumentals for "Hatespiration"? How did you begin laying the foundation and working up from there?

I (Noah Polston - lead guitar) was just jamming around in a lower guitar tuning one day and the riff just kinda came out of me. After that the verse riff and pre-chorus kinda wrote themselves, it felt really natural. The little run right before the chorus/solo was actually one of Shane Uhl’s (bassist) ideas. He had this satirical-pop song, and that riff repeated throughout it and I remember hearing it and going “we can totally use that!” And then one day I tried combining it with the other riffs and it worked really well! The song had been “finished” for a while when we started recording at Pearl Sound Studio for our upcoming EP with producer Chuck Alkazian. However, we soon realized it definitely needed some rearranging and he was a big part of that. He was also one of the first people to tell me my chorus sucked! Haha, he was right! So I went back and wrote a different one and it works much better!

Who wrote the empowering lyrics for "Hatespiration"? Was this a rather easy process seeing that it's such a motivational subject?

I (Noah) did, and yeah from what I remember it was. It’s something I truly believe in and have done before, it definitely works.

What do you hope your listeners take away from "Hatespiration"?

I hope our listeners, first of all, enjoy the song as a whole, but I also hope that they hear/read the lyrics and that it helps them overcome hate and negative energy by using it to fuel themselves.


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