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Cyadine Opens A Window To Our Souls With Their New Single, “Guilty By Association”

Cyadine blesses us with flavourful electrical instruments and truthful, insightful lyrics as they draw us closer to them in their new record, "Guilty By Association."

Formed in 2016, Cyadine is an "in your face" metal band from Frazer, MI. The band consists of three members, Bennie Knappenberger, who manages the drums; Noah Polston on the guitar; and Shane Uhl on the bass. Altogether, they bring soaring vocals and influential production, allowing our minds to run free and think free. Cyadine pushes the boundaries as they push out heavy but melodic tracks to create a fluent structure, much like in their recent record "Guilty By Association."

"Guilty By Association" is the perfect blend of production factors to create a timeless record. Cyadine got help to produce this record with Chuck Alkazain. It was recorded at the well-known Pearl Sound Studios studio, where many famous, well-accomplished artists have recorded their best music. Cyadine shows us in "Guilty By Association" that telling a story the way they did, is essential to have an ever-lasting record.

As we segue into "Guilty By Association," we hear a clear, crisp, raw but not unpleasant sound of the electric guitar seeping through our speakers as we patiently await what's going to happen next; the drums appear and form so wonderfully with the electric guitar as Cyadine planned. We can hear a fluctuation of words about to enter as we sit amped and ready to receive "Guilty By Association."

Polston says "Guilty by Association" was a song written from an overheard conversation where a tattoo artist was telling a story about a client who was a veteran. He has scars from self-harm due to horrible things happening on the job. We can hear how Cyadine breathes truth and has a good feel for story-telling; we can listen to they are fixated on this story so that others become aware of things they might not know much about, as much as it is rock; it's an emotional rollercoaster created by some of the best in the business, Cyadine.

Cyadine takes us on a trip worldwide with their hit single "Guilty By Association," available now on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cyadine! We really feel the emotion in your recent single "Guilty By Association." What was the inspiration behind the record?

Thanks for having us; we appreciate the support! The inspiration behind the song is from a story I (Noah Polston, Lead Guitar) overheard from an old friend of mine who was a tattoo artist. He once had a client who was getting some ink to cover up scars on his wrist from self-mutilation due to terrible things he had to do to innocent people in the military. Therefore, those people are guilty by association. What do you hope your listeners take away from listening to "Guilty By Association"? What I hope the listeners take away from the song is that a lot of times in life, we can’t control the cards we’re dealt. And all of the time, you have to deal with those problems and overcome them if you want to be successful/have a happy life. We are all “Guilty by Association” in one way or another; it’s how you deal with it that counts. I can’t say the lyrical content goes into that specific topic too much, but that’s the meaning of the title, broadly speaking, from a moral standpoint.

How did you want the production and sonics in "Guilty By Association" to make listeners feel? What was your goal with the overall song's atmosphere?

We feel that the music and lyrics correlate pretty well together to create the atmosphere that it does. The production should best represent the raw emotion that’s there, and we think we accomplished that on this one. What was the songwriting process like for "Guilty by Association?"

Our former rhythm guitarist, Eddie Knappenberger, had the clean intro riff and the variations in the verse and chorus that follow. I (Noah) wrote the pre-chorus and the second half of the song while he was showing us the parts, and we were jamming. I must say it came together pretty quickly, as we were all excited to have our first “ballad." It’s a nice of change of pace from our regular style, but it definitely fits within the “Cyadine” category of metal. The vocals came easily as well. I was fresh on inspiration from the topic, and the openness of the song created a nice canvas for writing melodies.

What's next for you?

What’s next for Cyadine is to play the next two shows we have lined up with our buddy Justin Abel of Letters From Abel, who’s filling in on vocals for us since we just lost our singer in June. Then we need to find a permanent singer, all while releasing/promoting the EP that has “Guilty by Association” and “Hatespiration” on it, called Formidable.


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