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D. Arais Drops Sultry, Yet Vulnerable New R&B Anthem

D. Arais is an up and coming music hailing from College Park, GA. Growing up, music was his passion, and it shows in his lyrics, somber guitar patterns, and just his overall swagger. His influences include poets like Black Ice and Shihan, and more notably Maya Angelou and Kendrick Lama. His music serves as his way of spreading love. 

Out now is D. Arais’ sultry track “WET” that serves are a necessary lovemaking song. D. Arais explores his vulnerable side and gets open and deeply personal about his relationships and desires. “WET” gives the listener a retrospective look at D. Arais’ feelings and thoughts.  “WET” focuses on being in love with someone and finally having a level of confidence to manifest it. “WET” is reminiscent of anyone’s first love and it demands to be heard. Equipped with a sultry voice and a catchy hook, D. Arais weaves through storytelling elements through his emotive songwriting and R&B stylings. D. Arais curates music that his listeners can relate to in order to forge original connections with his fans. Contemporary pop/hip-hop fused with Motown vibes give this track just enough soul for anyone to rock along with. It’s got contagious energy and addicting melody that we’re bumping on repeat. Authentically Zacarias’ style, “WET” is a spectacular smooth track on its way to the top. 

Check out “WET” here and read more in our exclusive interview below.

Hey D. Arais, it’s such a pleasure to be featuring your music to our BuzzMusic community! How did you get originally started in the music industry? Was there a specific event/person in your life that made you get into music/ start recording your material?

I'm very appreciative of the opportunity. Thanks for taking interest in my music. I hope your community receives me the same way as well. Originally I had started writing lyrics when I was 12. It wasn't until I got to college that I put effort into going to studios to record myself. B-Jai Avenue, a dope lyricist, and photographer had asked me to play and sing for him on one of his songs titled "Artistic Soul" featuring Noelle another awesome vocalist. After that, I just would take $50 to Platinum Sounds Recording studio and use that hour to my fullest potential. 

We immediately found that "WET" captured an alluring melody with lustful vocals! It's what caught, and ultimately kept our attention! What was the overall mood you wanted to set for listeners in this particular track?

I'm glad it did keep your attention! The overall mood for WET was supposed to be one that's both seductive and alluring. I wanted it to be sexy enough to be able to use for lovemaking yet tasteful enough that the bold images in a listener's mind would be replaced by softer images of sensual seduction.

How did the songwriting and recording process execute for "WET"? Did you fall into any creative slumps while initially writing the track, or does the curation process flow naturally for you?

So, I'm the artist that plays and writes my stuff at home before I take it to the studio. Being a music major causes me to not wanna waste any producers time especially when I don't really know what I want to do. But I like to think that because I wrote and composed it, I'm the executive producer and the engineer in the studio is only there to both hear my vision and tweak it to make it come to life. I recorded WET with an artist called "7 am". Really dope musician. So the simple guitar melody had to go down first. When I was writing it flowed but the truth is, WET was only supposed to have one verse, not two. I wrote the second verse the way I did because I needed imagery to replace the actual act of what was going on. I fell into no creative slumps while writing it as I wanted it to be seductive and tastefully done.

Tell our readers more about your definitive aspirations as an artist! What would you say is the ultimate goal, artistic wise?

I would really love to write for the Artist H.E.R. I know she can do it H.E.R.self, but the chance to actually have H.E.R. sing some of my words gives me chills just thinking about it. I'd like to have a conversation with my favorite artist Ne-Yo. He was a huge inspiration for me growing up. I'd like to join the Red Bull Academy.

The ultimate goal artistic wise, for me, is to change the way people think about life and love and happiness and pain and sandwiches. To get them to see other sides of things so that they are nowhere other than where they should be; right in the middle balancing out themselves in the end. I want to be that artist that isn't depressed, or clout hungry. I don't need trophies. I do this because it's mandatory. It's all I have. I want to make people feel again. I want the narrative of musicians to change. So I have to be that example of something great that doesn't take offense to jokes but it serious enough to shut down foolishness and walk in the truth that has been set before me.

I don't care about fame. I care about being genuinely loved. Fame can blind that, and a person will have snakes in their gardens when they aren't able to tell the difference. I really just want to inspire creativity whether it's corny, cheesy or too real. At the end of the day, someone is going to love it but no one will if I don't first.

Thanks for sharing your recent music here on BuzzMusic! A pleasure to have you here D. Arais! Any parting words for the BuzzMusic readers?!

Thanks for having me!  Remember the Sandwiches! It tells you everything you need to know about me!


You can discover more on D.Arias and his music via the artists' socials below!


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