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D'Auria Is Burning up the House Music Scene With His New Single, "Resonate"

D'Auria's music follows his heart and purpose. As a newcomer, the LA-based artist produces intricate compositions in service of arcane vibes, sampling from his appetite for music. His music exposes layers of complexity beneath its hypnotic character, feeding our outlet for an even more profound personal experience. With a desire to uphold his message of keeping dreams alive, this artist is not shy when using ominous chords and uptempo rhythms.

This year, D'Auria imparts some of his most besotted music with a lush, velvety haze through the release of his new musical endeavor, "Resonate." In this song, benevolently nudging drums and gleaming synth squiggles immerse you in the song's peaceful atmosphere. The softened vocal delays form a union as fortifying as the one D'Auria has with his fondness for house music. Tenderly sturdy transitions braid together excitement and anticipation while also neatly sectioning the song. A gliding heat similar to the feeling of entering into a hot club room dance floor fills the serene composition. D'Auria has always been able to use his dynamic knowledge of rhythm to excite. Still, here he creates a nonetheless striking effect by administering a balm of his own curiosity into the house music universe and receiving an otherworldly composition out of it like, "Resonate."

Listen to "Resonate" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic D'Auria! We're absolutely captivated by the sound you manage to produce. Can you tell us more about your inspirations for "Resonate" and what this track means to you personally?

I am so glad you guys enjoyed that song. It always a pleasure hearing positive feedback from your art. Even the negative feedback helps because it fuels your next project to be better than the last. But definitely strive for positive feedback for sure. When I wrote Resonate, I wanted to make something you can play with the windows rolled down when it is hot and something you can just relax to. It is definitely a summer song. Going through writer's block is what really inspired me to make it haha. I was not feeling too creative when I wrote this song, it kind of just came out of me naturally. What Resonate means to me is a record that gets you to sit down and think about life. 

What kind of artist do you aspire to be? Are there any inspirations you draw from that reflect these aspirations?

I aspire to be a House Music Producer & a DJ and eventually a record label owner. I want to be someone who people look up to and be respected in the industry. What inspires me to create house music is the feeling I get on the dancefloor when I go see my favorite DJs. That feeling you get while hearing a new record you never heard before and it makes you say DAMN I wanna know the name of that song is such a great feeling to have. I look up to artists such as Low Steppa, Camelphat, Deadmau5, Diversion, Tchami, and many others just to name a few. I look up to these guys because they all have such a unique sound and they are all respected in the industry. I think I have created a sound that reflects my personality. If I can inspire others to pursue their dreams (whatever dream it may be) then I know I am doing something right. 

Is there one thing you could think of that attributes to your success at finding your own voice as an artist? Or do you feel that there is more to learn about yourself?

For me, it is all about building personal relationships and just having a great personality every day. Being grateful for the little things helps me out a lot and I always remind myself why I started making music. I have accomplished a few of my goals but I know I am going to accomplish more in the near future, I just have to be patient. I started making music about 5 years ago, on my own. I don't have any family history that makes music or have gotten any formal training. A lot of my music I have learned everything on my own and I am still learning more and more every day

It was truly our pleasure featuring you here on BuzzMusic! Can you tell us more about what's next for you, artistically? Do you have any new music coming out this year?

Thank you so much for having me you guys! We are all in quarantine right now, so It has been very beneficial for me because I have been making a lot of new music for my fans and just trying to stay busy as much as I can. I have been super creative lately. Plus, I am dying to play another show. I absolutely can not wait to get back in the clubs again. I just released a video for Resonate recently, it captures the overall feeling you get when you listen to the song. Very scenic, a lot of neutral colors, I am very happy with the outcome.

I am going to release a 3 song little EP for the summer called Songs to play at dawn. Be on the lookout for that. Till next time!


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