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D’NME And Duncan Bring Out The “Fighter,” In Us

The face of the modern rap game is back and better than ever. Toronto-based rapper and hip-hop recording artist D'NME smashes the scene with his new empowering single, "Fighter," featuring Duncan.

D'NME first made waves on the scene with his debut late 2000s mixtape, 'The Death of Me.' Since then, the Toronto-hailing artist has emerged as one of hip-hop's most gifted and skilled emcees. With countless media features and praise, D'NME is truly built for a cut-throat career in the music industry.

Now, D'NME hits the scene with his powerhouse new track, "Fighter," alongside the melodic and rich vocal stylings of Duncan. The new song is the perfect artistic comeback we could have asked for; it perfectly represents D'NME's dedication, passion, and drive for success within the music scene.

Expanding on the new track, "Fighter," the song opens with dark keyboard melodies alongside Duncan's slightly raspy and powerful vocal stylings. As he sets the song's tone with lyrics about not giving a f*ck about when anyone thinks, D'NME makes his way in and moves the track forward.

His fiery and dense bars are incredibly cohesive and clever. We genuinely appreciate the honest bars he blasts through our speakers, inspiring listeners to spread their wings and move on from past hardships to reach success.

We also appreciate the vibrant back and forth between Duncan's charismatic vocals and D'NME's heavy-hitting bars; it adds an exciting and dynamic listening experience. As Duncan serenades us on the hook, he brings that energy to the outro and closes the song with intense strength, passion, and perseverance.

Channel the inner "Fighter" in you with D'NME and Duncan's latest hit, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, D'NME. We're more than impressed with your powerful and robust new single, "Fighter." What inspired you to create a track about strength, dedication, and perseverance?

Thank you for having me back! It's always great to sit down with you guys to talk about music. I had the verse for "Fighter" sitting in the vault for a while. I was fighting with the idea of using it, no pun intended (laughs). I had originally written that verse to a completely different beat. The original beat carried an inspirational type of feel, so that's really what inspired me to write the verse the way I did. Even though I wrote that verse a while back, I think the content was strong enough to connect with people today. Musically, the original beat would have sounded outdated right now, so once I decided on using that verse, I had my producer Jon Bonus craft the new beat around my a cappella, then we built the song from there.

What was it like working with the vibrant vocal stylings of Duncan for "Fighter?" What was your collaborative experience like?

Let me just say that working with Duncan is always fun. I think we have natural chemistry. At the moment, Duncan, Jon Bonus, and I all reside in different areas, so it was easier for us to just work remotely this time around. Once Jon and I had enough of the song completed on our end, we sent it to Duncan, and he wrote and recorded his parts. Once Duncan sent the record back, Jon went back in and added some more music to complement what Duncan had done vocally. Duncan and I had been talking about working together again because we hadn't worked on music since 2017, so it felt great to collaborate with him on this song.

When comparing "Fighter" to your previous releases, would you say this song represents how much you've evolved as an artist?

I think from an overall song standpoint, "Fighter" definitely shows my evolution as an artist because the focus isn't solely on the rapping portion of the song. Earlier on in my career, all I was concerned about was my rapping. That's because I'm an MC first. So a lot of my early songs are rap-heavy, but the other parts of my songs, like the hook or the arrangement, weren't what I was necessarily focusing on back then. Nowadays, I still put a lot of energy into my rapping, but I also try and make sure that every element in each one of my songs are equally as strong.

Did you hope to evoke a sense of confidence, drive, and ambition in your audience when listening to "Fighter?"

To be honest, I only started thinking about how this song would evoke those emotions in my audience when the overall record was finished. As artists, we get so lost in the process of creating that we don't think about anything else. That's why it took "Fighter" to be finished for me to start thinking about how it would connect with my audience. I can't lie, though. I would feel a sense of fulfillment if people listened to this song and drew inspiration from it to become more driven and/or have more confidence in themselves. My approach when rapping or writing is rooted in supreme confidence, and without a doubt, "Fighter" represents that in a major way.

What's next for you?

I'm always writing and working on new music. I'd like to release an EP later in the year, but I want to take my time with it. "Fighter" has been getting a great response, so I'm definitely in that zone of promoting the record and getting it as much exposure as possible.

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