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D’NME Elevates You With “Winning At The Races”

Rapper from Toronto, Canada, D’NME is never shy on confidence. The self-proclaimed "face of the rap game” and "greatest rapper alive” is undoubtedly one of the most gifted and technically sound emcees to emerge in Hip-Hop in recent years. D’NME first burst into the underground Toronto rap scene in the late 2000’s with his first mixtape titled “Death Of Me”. Capitalizing on the emergence of digital music.

His single “Winning At The Races” featuring Kingrythefirst shows his masterful lyricism and ability to crate contagious hooks many people will be able to vibe too. The authenticity and rawness in “Winning At The Races” was the most memorable attribute to the record. He doesn’t attempt to fabricate an image that isn’t a natural representation of who he is. “Winning At The Races” is able to captivate its listener due to the relativeness equipped to the lyricism. It’s like a vibe that you can replay over and over again because it’s so real. That’s what we loved so most about “Winning At The Races”. Many people will be able to connect with the lyrics of the song. I mean there’s a significant amount of people who want to be at the top of their game and reach their goals and dreams their longing for. Therefore, “Winning At The Races” is a song that will elevate its listener and evoke the inner confidence we all have.

Listen to "Winning At The Races" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic D’NME. Mind telling us a bit about your background and upbringing? What motivated you to begin rapping?

I’m very happy to be here, thank you for having me. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. My dad passed away when I was 6 years old, so my mom was the one who raised me, so we’re really close. Growing up in Toronto was great but it got a little difficult during my teenage years. Looking back I think it had a lot to do with wanting to fit in you know? As a teenager it’s rare to have that “I don’t care what anyone thinks” attitude because you want to feel accepted so you may not have the self-esteem to just be yourself.

I got into rap as a teenager and that’s when I would say I found my calling so to speak. I had never really been interested in sports or anything like that, but rap was the first thing I really had a passion for. Obviously I wasn’t good in the beginning stages but that didn’t deter me from working to get better. I always knew that if I dedicated enough time to my craft I would get better. I would say being able to express myself skillfully is what motivated me to rap. That’s the same thing that motivates me to this day. When it comes to rapping not only do you have to rhyme, but you have to connect lines, use metaphors, have a great flow, and deliver your lyrics with conviction all at the same time. All these things really drew me to rap.

Many artists have their “Why”, their main dream and goal. What is yours? What’s the main dream for you?

For me being the greatest rapper within myself is my main objective. When I started rapping the goal was just to be dope and get respect as an MC. After years of rapping and making music I started to feel like the greatest. Also, I’m chasing my own greatness I’m not in competition with anyone else but myself. 

Nowadays wanting to be the best at the actual art of rapping is not something people put any emphasis on, but for me it means something. I didn’t grow up in this era so my perspective on Hip-Hop is different. I grew up listening to rappers that constantly talked about being the greatest, so that mentality is just ingrained in me. Of course this is also my career and getting paid for my work is amazing but for me it has been and always will be about being the greatest rapper. 

What inspires your music the most?

My own desire to win. That feeling of “I have to do this for me” is my main inspiration. Winning doesn’t mean money, or accolades it’s more about just having the passion and drive to keep going despite what happens. I’m sure every artist has gone through moments of doubt, and different obstacles but the willingness to continue despite facing setbacks is what makes you who you are. That’s really what inspires my music.

“Winning At The Races” has a large lyrical substance to it. What was the theme behind this?

It’s really about being unstoppable and just at the top of the game. Kingrythefirst who’s featured on the song came up with the hook and right away I thought: “Ok this definitely speaks to that confidence I have in myself as an MC”. It’s extremely braggadocios, but that’s what Hip-Hop was built on. 

Lyrically, my approach was to be skillful but at the same time I didn’t want to be so complex to where the listener would get lost. “Winning At The Races” is more single driven, so I had to write it in a way that wouldn’t lose the average listener and I believe I accomplished that.

What’s next for you D’NME? Any exciting summer plans for you?

I’m working on some new music for a possible fall release, so throughout the summer I’ll mostly be writing and recording. Earlier this year I made an appearance on Thisis50 and Power 105.1 which gave me a lot more exposure, so I’m definitely focused on keeping that momentum going. 


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