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D.O.L.O. Reminds Us to "Move Differently" in His Latest Release

The Georgia-based recording artist, rapper, and songwriter D.O.L.O. drops a poised and haunting single with his latest heated release, "Move Differently."

D.O.L.O. (Dedicated On Life's Objective) took an interest in writing bars as early as the second grade, so much so that he would often battle older emcees on the bus to challenge himself. After moving to Stone Mountain, Georgia, D.O.L.O. met his newfound brothers Amarri, E, and Ja, which led to the creation of their collective Enfamous Familia.

D.O.L.O. and the rest of his Enfamous Familia strive to bring new and exciting change to the industry, which starts with heated and powerful singles like D.O.L.O.'s latest release, "Move Differently." This robust and melodic single is bound to leave any listener feeling like they have to hush their motives and move with quiet courage.

Diving into the single, "Move Differently," the track takes off with a haunting piano melody and D.O.L.O.'s authoritative vocal entry that leaves us stunned with his dominant power and boss energy. As the punchy and tight drums begin to pour through, D.O.L.O. continues to ride the beat with nothing but rhythm while showcasing his vocal talent and ability.

We adore this track's contemplative and intense tone, as it inspires us to analyze our surroundings and share our ambitions with those closest to us. As D.O.L.O. continues taking the track by storm, he drenches us in nothing but fires with his tightly-wound and deeply conceptual bars. Moving towards the outro, the song ends on another haunting and serious note that lets us reflect on the concept that D.O.L.O. powerfully delivered.

Experience the unforgettable sounds of D.O.L.O.'s latest single, "Move Differently," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic D.O.L.O., we love the power and intensity you've brought to your latest single, "Move Differently." What inspired you to create a track about making moves in silence and not flaunting your success?

The motivation for "Move Differently" was actually the beat itself believe it or not. I have been creating music and studying the music industry for a while now and I came to the realization a lot of the same things were going on. Most artists were following the trend culture of sounds and not coming with alot of originality. I figured I had to let people know you don't have to follow what's so-called "hot" but you can make yourself a movement just by moving differently... paving your lane.

Who created the haunting and powerful beat for "Move Differently?" Did you take part in the creative process when formulating the production for this track?

The production comes from a producer by the name of Palaze. He and I have a couple of records together I plan to release at a later date. His sound is different from most young producers these days. He has a certain ear for depth and creating a certain sound I naturally gravitate to, so I always regularly check in with him and see what he has for me so I can keep bringing the heat.

How can listeners get to know you better through tracks like "Move Differently?" How does this help us get to know who you are?

With songs like "Move Differently" and my previously released record "It's Up" I feel like I let people into a little bit of my thought process on life. I'm always pushing for positivity, more business, and success. Through tracks like these, I sort of layout how I maneuver through my daily life and how I keep pushing forward with different life skills I've built over the years.

What was your songwriting process like for "Move Differently?" Is it easy for you to create such conceptual and cohesive bars like this?

My songwriting process is very old school. I take my time and actually write out my records while listening to the beat. Palaze had named the beat "Different" and the majority of the time my inspiration comes from the title the producer places on the beat. It makes me feel like we were on the same wave when it came to the creation of the song...give it more authenticity... to me at least. It will take me a few days to write a song sometimes because there are certain metaphors and a certain wittiness I need in my songs. I like to make people think just a little bit. I feel like it gives a song character and I like to properly put it together if I have the time that is.

What impact did you want to make on the listener with "Move Differently?" Did you want to trigger any thoughts or ideas with this track?

With this record, I really just wanted to let people know you have to make yourself stand out. With anything you are involved in doing the same thing is only going to produce the same results, so adding a little flavor or moving away from how everybody else is trending could be the best thing that happened to you. Might give you some different insight, may open your eyes to something that was always there... you never know. Move Differently. Have people wondering why you doing what you're doing until it's time for them to know for real and it'll all make sense. They'll see why you were moving how you were and by then you're UP and could care less about what everybody else is doing!


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