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Da’Ante Wants You To Fight for Strength As You Visualize Your Inner, “Demon”

“Through my music and art I want to be as authentic as possible telling my truth but the ultimate goal is to heal the smiling broken kid in this photo” ~ Da’Ante

Da’Ante unveils resilience and strength within the vulnerability he pours into his music. Unpacking trauma can take you down dark paths, and Da’Ante proves time and time again that he wants to relate to his fan base in a personal and emotive manner. With the continuous growth of his audience, the LGBTQ+ artist fulfills his passion for music, and his bravery when stepping into the audacious act of facing his demons.

The cinematic reach of his vivid music video for “Demon” tours us into the darkness that lurks within one’s self. In the dry desert air, Da’Ante can be seen embracing his faith as he hopes for the drought to end and for the power of the higher-ups to release him from his struggling journey. As our screens are graced with the one-on-one performance that Da’Ante exudes in various scenes, we revel in the depths that are toured throughout this battle royal of a concept.

With the devil on his shoulder speaking sweet whispers of toxicity, his backup proves itself to be stronger as his religious beliefs come out on top. The myriad of imaging that creeps into our screens plunges you into the metaphors in a larger than life way.

Fixated on the ominous bloodshot eyes that enter the screen in numerous acts, we see just how far this battle with Da’Ante and the devil will go. Eager to not succumb to the grippingly raw dominance that the man in red attempts to hold over him, the liberation that meets us at the end of this powerful film component is one to write home about.

We highly suggest that you find out just how this story ends, and what Da’Ante stands for as an artist as you face your demons with a little help from this soul-infused believer.

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