DaCav Stands Up For What They Believe With New Song "Let's Take A Walk"

DaCav is a band who consists of three members, two rappers Mikey P and B Roc and singer Sydney. DaCav loves making music in which you can vibe and dance too alongside connecting emotionally. They are an independent group based out of the US and each member lives in a different state! If you’re wondering how this group formed, well we have the background information on deck! Mikey P and B Roc found Sydney on Instagram and after having her as a feature, asked her to be a member of DaCav.

DaCav released their latest single titled “Let’s Take A Walk” which is an heart-rendering record that discusses their personal real-life experiences with bullying and how they can unite against the grain to fight it! DaCav released a inspirational video for “Let’s Take A Walk” that will captivate you and help understand the message rooted in the song! In the video directed by Sydney in her hometown in Richmond, Maine.. Mikey P and B Roc are seen delivering their personal story with their distinctive voices from one another, which leaves a powerful and lasting effect. The first verse begins it has a passionate and aggressive delivery that reminds us of the rap icon, Eminem. After telling his story that many people can relate too. The hook then transitions in with the vocals from Sydney. Sydney sings a heart-warming and honest verse about the support and friendship they are offering for their listeners and fans. “If you need to talk, you can take my hand, let’s go take a walk.” What we interpreted from this that she’s basically saying, if you need somebody to be there, you can always turn to the lending hand to serve as an emotional support system for you! As the song progresses he begins to spit his truth and disclose the dark reality behind what goes on in many kids, teens and adults minds. The thoughts of suicide, hopelessness and depression is projected through these lyrics which gives another dimension of vulnerability to the song. What we enjoyed most by watching this video was how the production of the entire visual looked similar to a movie rather than music video. Beginning with a “Based On A True Story” it shows many cut scenes of kids being bullied on their way to, at and from school. Using many actors to help act out their vision. DaCav will undeniably touch many people with this incredible song about a topic so widely discussed yet the action to put an end to it is so little.

Listen to "Let's Take A Walk" here and be sure to watch their emotional music video below.