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daFinchi Shows Us How It’s Done In “Go For Mine”

The bad boy from Bridgeport, CT—accomplished attorney, loving father, and prodigious rapper daFinchi shows us what degrees, dedication, and hard work get you in his new single and music video, "Go For Mine."

Not every day do you see a promising hip-hop act that reintroduces us to the genre through a post-grad lens. He's a talented lyrical lawyer with bars that tie into the various facets of his life, from raising his daughter and making a living at the office to his passionate craft as an MC, dead set on his mission to speak the truth.

More recently, daFinchi released his exciting new single and braggadocious music video for "Go For Mine," which sees him posing on the cover of various high-profile magazines, keeping the cash flowing, and showing us what took him from 0 to 100.

The song itself is incredibly catchy. "Go For Mine" is crawling with infectious synth melodies and driving hip-hop drums reminiscent of hits from staple acts like Post Malone. His quick-witted and charismatic bars tie in his signature self-deprecating humor while feeding us taglines from his law firm like, "In a pinch, call Finch!"

The music video continues that humorous (yet serious) theme of watching daFinchi reap the rewards of his degrees, work, and talent. His classic boss poses with thumbs up or arms in the air are sure to make you crack a smile, not taking him too seriously, but very seriously at the same time. At the end of the day, daFinchi's unique approach to hip-hop changes how we view the genre.

Give yourself a boost of motivation with help from daFinchi's blazing new single, "Go For Mine," available on all digital streaming platforms. Find the song's music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, daFinchi. We admire the high-energy and dedication packed into your recent single and music video, "Go For Mine." What inspired you to create this personal single of your success?

The beat inspired me to talk about how far I came from sleeping on couches around New York City to owning my own law firm.

What was your experience shooting the dynamic and glamorous music video for "Go For Mine?"

It was a quick shoot at this cool studio in New Haven, CT, but I had to change my wardrobe like ten times in 3 hours. How did your director and producer help execute your vision? Director Mike Squires had a great vision and the skills to pull it together in the edit. Maserati Rai produced it. He always finds the right location.

What was your favorite part about creating a bold, driven single like "Go For Mine"? What did you get out of it?

Like all my other completed songs, my favorite part about this song is the feeling that it is a completed song, and I can walk away from the recording session satisfied with my new baby.

Did you want viewers to take anything away from the music video for "Go For Mine?" Did you hope to leave them with some inspiration?

If I can inspire anyone, it's a win-win situation. I let the listener and the viewer appreciate the project however he/she wants to. It's all love.


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