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Daisychain Lets Loose With Groovy New Song, "Natalie"

The blues/psych-rock four-piece band known as Daisychain is quick to emit killer rhythm from their home of Chicago. Drawing from influences such as Patti Smith, Melvins, The Velvet Underground, and Jack White, their audience anticipates dynamism, electricity, and a familiar sound that they rock out to all too well.

Taking us into the luscious soundscape, we’re invited into a compelling world outlined in vibrancy. “Natalie” is the most recent single to come from the female-founded band Daisychain. Playing into a mind-altering sonic voyage that immediately pulls you into the kaleidoscope of sounds present, we get a concoction that is equally intriguing and pacifying. Reminding us of old-school classic rock, the familiarity that runs wild in “Natalie” has us falling head over heels for these unapologetic musicians.

Descriptive lyrical motifs seem to be the name of the game in “Natalie,” and do we ever love the imagery that covers this blank canvas in our mind. As we engage ourselves with the chugging guitar riffs and bolstered energy that seeps through the rhythm, the psychedelic tenors of Daisychain become more apparent to us. Submerging us in the augmented reality of this protagonist in the record, we admire the vivid essence that so-called Natalie portrays.

Leaving us in an array of curiosity, we want to dig beneath the surface of where the melodies of “Natalie” begin and the narrative of her ways end. If you’re in the market for the intoxicating rush that Daisychain serves up, look no further than this uncanny new bop.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Daisychain! We love the sounds that you convey in your latest hit, “Natalie.” Could you please take us into the exact moment or story that inspired the creation of this song?

There isn't a particular moment or story behind "Natalie;" instead we kind of just wanted to try to build a character that packs as much attitude as the tune.

Do your lyrics tend to take this route when conveying a tale in the music that you create?

Yeah, we typically start with a solid melody and try to write lyrics that make sense for it.

How do you each contribute to the creative vision? What was the recording session like when bringing “Natalie” to life?

We each really listen to each other when we play. It's awesome to feel the energy get passed back and forth while we figure out the arrangement of a song. If there's a melody and enough words laid down to get a general point across, we'll take it and run with it. The recording session for "Natalie" was raw and so fun! Every part of this process felt a little spontaneous, but that's the best part about recording. The smallest details can be discovered on the spot that really ties the whole song together.

What happens to be your ideal atmosphere to create in? Does it matter for you if this remains your creative space at all times, or do you find yourself reasonably flexible?

We're a pretty open-minded bunch. It's good to be flexible about your creative atmosphere if you want your sound to develop or at least go somewhere weird for a bit; like if you can't afford to travel, I bet you could get some crazy inspiration in a Joann Fabrics.

What's next for Daisychain?

Daisychain is set to go on a Southern US tour December 1st-19th! We're headed down to Dallas, Austin, and other select cities in Texas while hitting spots like Cincinnati, Nashville, and New Orleans along the way.

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