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Daley, Carreiro, and Evans Emphasize Their Need For a "Break From You"

Ontario-based versatile hip-hop/r&b artists Adam Daley, Angelo Carreiro, and Evans team up for their latest relatable summer anthem, "Break From You."

The likes of Daley, Carreiro, and Evans all share one significant aspect in common, being their explorative approach towards modern-day hip-hop and r&b. Considering that all three artists deliver their unique flairs and musical methods on their latest collaboration, "Break From You," it truly makes for an unmatched and unbeatable listening experience.

Expanding on their latest release, "Break From You," listeners are able to get a better understanding of the rhythmic, soulful, and dynamic stylings that each artist has to offer. Also, releasing a conceptual and well-shot music video, viewers can catch Adam Daley, Angelo Carreiro, and Evans grooving their way through the track while emphasizing one prominent aspect; a needed break.

Hitting play on the single, "Break From You," the song opens with ghostly vocal samples alongside a tender keyboard melody. As the dancehall drums punch their way through our speakers, they set the song's upbeat and lively tone right off the bat. As soon as Adam Daley makes his melodic and alluring vocal appearance, not only does he wow us with his innate poise and confidence, but he quickly delves into the song's lyrical theme.

As Evans meets him in the first verse, he emphasizes his need for some breathing room and getting away from someone to recollect his thoughts. Without a dull moment, Angelo Carreiro makes his way in and leaves us chanting the song's title alongside him, Daley, and Evans. We adore all three artist's abilities to provide something new and fresh to such a groovy and uplifting summer banger.

Recollect your thoughts with help from Adam Daley, Angelo Carreiro, and Evans in their new lively single, "Break From You," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Adam Daley. We're genuinely feeling lifted after taking a listen to your anthemic single, "Break From You." Where did the song's inspiration come from? Who created the concept for the song?

Evans and I were in my home studio together one night and we were just listening to this beat over and over again just trying to think of some cool and catchy melodies. We were going crazy trying to think of something and had writer's block, so we took a break and had a few drinks. Whenever we drink together, we just end up talking for hours and procrastinating on finishing songs. It was during the COVID lockdown so we were having conversations about how we were feeling a little smothered by the people we were stuck inside with for 7 months, and both expressed how we could really use a break from them. After that conversation, we both had a light bulb go off and said, “this is what we should make the song about." We ended up making a half-assed demo of the song because we were pretty drunk and ended up sitting on it for a couple of weeks. I went to see Angelo one day in Barrie and was just showing him some songs that I've been working on, and then showed him the demo we made, and he started freaking out. I ended up writing my verse at his house that day, as well as his verse, and we finished it in about 30 minutes. Evans came to my house to record the next week and finished his part and the whole song ended up coming together and sounded fire! So it was Evans and I that essentially came up with the concept. It went from a throwaway song to one of our favorite songs that we made.

Did each artist handle their own bar/lyric writing for "Break From You?" Or did you work together and share your songwriting processes?

We all kind of helped each other on the whole thing! We all came through on this song and did our thing.

Who created the uplifting dancehall-infused production for "Break From You"? Why did you choose to bring such an exciting and stimulating sonic atmosphere?

I actually produced the beat for the song, and Angelo revamped it and mixed it. I came across the sample and was just blown away. I decided to put the dancehall-inspired drums in there because I personally felt that it sounded pretty dark but also had this tropical sound to it, so I wanted to add more of a dancy feel so you could get into your feels but also dance to it at a club. We also added some very ambient horns that went along with Evans' hook and it just sounded so good and atmospheric. I'm also a sucker for putting that dancehall rhythm into a lot of my beats, it's always a vibe.

What was the shooting process like for your music video for "Break From You"? Did you work alongside any directors or videographers that helped bring your visions to life?

We worked with Marcus Letts on the video. He shot, directed, and edited the whole thing - that man is an absolute GENIUS at what he does. We all FaceTimed together to discuss what we wanted to do for the video and came up with the storyline that we are all dealing with something or someone that we need a break from. Evans and I were arguing with a girl in the video, and Angelo was slaving away at his job, which we all need a break from sometimes. The day we shot it was such a fun day, we went to a huge farm that our good friend Brad from Nostalgic Motorsports let us use, and he had so many cool things for us to use like the tractor, the ATV, and the 96’ Toyota Supra.

What's next for you?

Releasing a lot more music! I've been releasing a song about once a year and everybody has been getting mad at me, so everyone can expect a single to come out every month or two with a couple of visuals along with them. And as soon as I'm able to, I’ll be trying to perform live. I miss live shows so much so hopefully I can do that very soon.


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