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Dallas-Based Independent Artist Curtis III Drops Brand New Track “Make Time”

Curtis III is an exciting new act from Dallas, Texas. He blends contagious rhymes with the power of knowledge and breaking the conditioning of social consciousness. A lyricist that put more thought into his lyrics then most, he’s on the rise to the top with his unique outlook and impressive lyrical ideas.

Make Time” is a brilliantly crisp and chaotic alternative project that showcases a whole new side to the already creatively free and consistently striking artist. Curtis III exercises his unpredictable lyricism and expressive, theatrical vocal style in a continuously engrossing manner. Fragments of ideas, dark and intriguing, alongside short lines and quick rhymes make this one you’ll undoubtedly need to hear more than once to connect with it. In between moments of intensity, there are delicate musical intricacies throughout “Make Time”. There are dashes of instrumentals, melodies, and hooks that craft engaging, alternative hip-hop ambiances. “Make Time” makes the most out of all of this, a few simple elements but each one unexpected and free-flowing – rhythmic but artistic, and always more in tune with the progression of the story-line than a simple industry standard. Bringing through the pace and vibrancy of the track fused with a clever structure, Curtis III’s story-telling, and compelling vocal delivery, makes for something incredibly refreshing to experience.

Listen to “Make Timehere and read more with Curtis III below in our interview!

Hey Curtis III! Welcome to BuzzMusic! What inspired you to first begin making music and releasing it to the public? 

I’ve been recording and releasing music since 2008. I started out recording myself in my room I would drop songs with friends from school and put it out on MySpace and bandcamp. That later transitioned into me getting my publishing and dropping music on iTunes and Apple Music, its been a steady grind. But doing it independently is the best way to me. 

You seem to be an artist that puts more thought into his bars than most. What can you tell us about the lyrical depth within “Make Time”?

I recorded Make Time my senior year of college at Virginia State University. I was inspired to record the song when I was reflecting on the past 4 years and all it took for me to reach that moment, I had a lot to get off my chest and express. I told myself that once I graduate my goal would be to make music full time. 

Tell us how you felt during the production of "Make Time"! Did the execution of the track run as smoothly as expected?

It was a easy process to record the song. I still to this day record everything myself with my at home studio. When I i first herd the instrumental by J patterns I instantly began to come up with the hook and from there I finished my verses and the song that same day within an hour. 

Would you say that your music is a big reflection of who you are as an artist? Do you stay true to yourself 100% within the music scene?

My music is a splitting image of who I am. I use my music and platform to express myself and it’s very therapeutic for me to get everything that’s on my mind out to the world so that it’s no longer bottled up inside. More than anything I use music as an outlet to express what I’m going through. It’s almost like time capsule for moments in my life I can go back and remember where I was in life when I listen back to songs iv done. 

Thank you for sharing your new music with us! What can we look forward to seeing next from you as an artist?

I have my eyes set on 2020. New album, new videos, you can expect everything to be elevated and pushed to a new level. See you guys at SXSW in March. 


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