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Dallas Continues To Push Musical Boundaries With Her Sassy and Unique Sound

Pulling inspiration from her experiences, dreams, and personal perceptions, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Dallas has done it again with her alternative R&B track, "Me and My Girls."

This recent release paints a vivid and relatable story of a girl's night out on the town. Not only does the strong and enticing beat of this track instantly draw listeners in, but it also compliments Dallas's delicate vocal tone and impressive ability to sing within various octaves. We are thankful for the great friends that inspired Dallas to write this groovy track because now it exists.

To no surprise, this catchy track has been featured on several of Spotify's biggest editorial playlists attracting more success for Dallas' upcoming releases.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, when asked about her genius genre-breaking sound within her recent releases, she revealed that her secret is her producer "truly is a genius with the music" and understands what she wants her music to sound like.

It's through their collaboration and her trusting him to deliver something fresh and edgy that has given Dallas her signature sound that has been able to push these boundaries within music so far.

Currently, Dallas is gearing up for what she suggested will be her "most successful year yet." She's been working hard in the studio, creating with her team 24/7, and planning several virtual events this upcoming year. Stay tuned for her virtual shows, new releases, expanding merch collection, and ever-growing fanbase.

You can learn more about Dallas here.

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