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Dallas Creates Powerful and Sassy Vocals On Latest Track “Me and My Girls”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Dallas creates alternative R&B tracks inspired by her experiences, dreams, and unique personal perceptions. After returning back to Canada after studying musical theatre in New York City, Dallas found herself driven to push the boundaries of her musical genre and create a personal sound that is powerful, yet contains a vulnerable and light twist.

Her latest single, “Me and My Girls" paints a vivid picture of her experience out on the town with her friends and different ideas that went through her head along the way. The light and bouncy nature of the track highlights her soft vocal tones and ability to touch various vocal octaves in one verse. The instrumental background offers a strong, yet enticing beat that accents different and important lyrical combinations. Listeners will be drawn in and pushed back away with lyrics like “Now you want with me and my girls” and will endure this feeling of melancholy as these girls move along yet are truly hard to forget about.

With musically soundtracks like “Me and My Girls” is no surprise Dallas has been featured on some of Spotify's biggest editorial playlists making her a shoo-in for success and attraction with her many upcoming releases.

We love your new single “Me and My Girls”! What was your inspiration for this single?

My friends! I wrote this song back in the summer of 2020. I hadn’t seen my friends in a really long time (due to the pandemic) & when I initially heard the beat I knew I wanted to write about the people that make me the happiest.

When creating the lyrics and unique sound of this production did you connect with any of your friends or other artists for influence?

My producer and I work really closely together. When we started M.A.M.G it was nothing like it sounds now. In terms of production, it was very simple - we wanted to really focus on making those melodies strong and catchy. Atom (@createdbyatom) then went in and made it the masterpiece it is now. Our songs are very unique. We like to blend genres/sounds to make music that you’ve never really heard before. M.A.M.G exemplifies that statement. It’s a rollercoaster. In terms of connecting with other artists, we really kept this one “in house.” When I showed my friends the first demo they freaked. They loved it. It’s a song for the ladies through and through.

You mentioned that you studied musical theatre in New York City, how do you think this unique experience shaped your sound as an artist and how have you been able to tie this into your tracks?

I always loved musical theatre growing up & to live in one of the best cities in the world to study the craft was a blessing. With that being said, I never felt like I really fit in. I wasn't classically trained from a young age and I didn't have the same experience most of my classmates had. In a way, I used that to my advantage. It made me “stand out” cause my sound was different. But I knew something was missing. I knew I needed to go back to my roots & start writing my own songs & performing them. I’m still super grateful for that experience and learned a lot from some of the greatest. I think it really pushed me to discover myself. Not only as an artist but as a human being. It really drove me to find something unique and showcase a sound that pushes boundaries in the industry and go to places most people are scared to go to.

You are truly breaking genre barriers with your powerful and accenting lyrics, what was it like combining different instrumentals into your lyrics on this single?

Thank you! I really appreciate that comment. I can't take full credit for that. Like I said, my producer and I work closely and he truly is a genius with the music. He rarely ever gets it wrong. He understands me & what I like to hear. He’s insanely passionate about the music and I trust him to always deliver something crazy. M.A.M.G was such a fun process for us. We both just had so many ideas we wanted to try when building this single. The lyrics really came naturally. I knew I wanted this song to be playful but still push those boundaries of genre & carry that signature Dallas sound.

What's next for you Dallas?

I’m gearing up for what I hope will be my most successful year yet. I’m still in the studio created 24/7 with my team, but we’re also planning some events for the year. Virtual shows, more releases, expanding the merch line. But most importantly, building that fanbase.


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