Damsel Adams Has A Cinematic Approach To The Sonic And Visual Landscape Of, "Running"

Los Angeles-based artist Damsel Adams, drapes her music in black patent leather and chiffon, the reflected glow of the streetlights at midnight, the tears of loves lost, and hearts still beating.

She contrasts common LA apathy with the conviction of her Nicaraguan roots. Embracing the sounds of the neon Western landscape that looms around Los Angeles like a forgotten memory, Damsel Adams combines familiar 80’s/90’s Pop icons like Madonna and Janet Jackson, with futuristic and modern production, heavy 808 beats, synths, and sound effects.

An uproar of vibrant Pop filled energy takes over the soundwaves in Damsel Adams latest single, “Running.” Grasping the warm embrace of her vocalization that sashays into prevailing tones of empowerment, Damsel Adams lures her listeners in with her notable quintessence that embraces a demesne of nostalgic tenors.

Glistening shimmers of chimes, airy synths, and colossal drum patterns have the 1980’s fully captured in a vessel that is, “Running.” Damsel Adams exudes her impenitent charisma and undeniable wit as she attacks her songwriting in a manner that has romantic escapades accompany the rise and fall of invulnerable spirit.

If creating the ultimate soundscape wasn’t enough, Damsel Adams pairs the distinct resonance of, “Running,” with unmatched visuals for the listener to be swayed by. The ominous and dark themes that are touched on carry out a plotline that involves Damsel Adams running from a man that embodies fear. As she covers the mass ground in her attempt to escape, we can only feel that this metaphor signifies the lyrical thesis, “you’re running, running, away from love.”

An overall artistic venture that peaks deep into the headspace of Damsel Adams as the mastermind behind the song and music video for, “Running.” Eager to delve into the creative genius that awakes her fan base, Damsel Adams has them tapped in.

Congratulations on the release of, “Running.” In your own words, could you please let us know what this track means to you as the artist?

It's about being in a relationship with someone who is emotionally unavailable. Basically dating in this modern society and how we are so disassociated, so uninvolved, and afraid to commit. The women are tired of it.

With such an abstract music video concept to pair with the song, what was your vision when approaching the music video? The track has this brooding intensity about it with some delicate vulnerable moments. I felt like I wanted to reflect that for my vision. I wanted to create suspense, mystery. A movie-like timeless music video. Inspired by Thriller and tons of classic vampire films like Lost Boys, Fright Night, Interview with the vampire. Also wanted to put my acting chops to the test as I used to be a SAG actress once upon a time. Vampires are portrayed as sexy and cool and intriguing and quite dark, complex creatures. Ever so longing and perturbed. At the end of the video, I become one. I feel like we all have that shadow that follows us. We all have a dark side. This video reflex that.

What was it like filming this video? Did you face any challenges or have any memorable stories to share with your audience? Let’s see. There were plenty. I mean anything that could go wrong went wrong. The car we rented, this beautiful vintage GTO stalled on us. So there was this whole car chase we couldn’t do so we had to improvise a lot.

Batteries went out. We were sneaking into places to film and we pretty much shot things as quick as can be hauling all the equipment ourselves with very light staff. Also, I got really ill during this shoot. We shot at night and it was freezing weather (early October) and we were by the mountains. And I was running in a tight dress falling over and over again, take after take after take. And getting back up and doing it all over again. I had bruises, cuts. I mean we went for it. Quite the metaphor for my life actually. Just got to roll with it, dust yourself off, and move forward.

At what point do you know a song is complete and ready to take into the studio to be recorded? When it starts flowing easily. When I have an emotional connection to it. You have that a-ha moment at the studio. And it just takes off from there.

What can we expect to see next from you? Don’t get too comfortable with my music style. I’ve been doing a lot of pop 80s, synth stuff but I am about to do a 180. I like to keep every one including myself on my toes. I am constantly changing, evolving. I like surprising even myself. You’ll never know what to expect from me. I’m currently writing a lot of Spanish songs. So there you have it.