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Dan Beltran Keeps Us Up At Night With "Night Terrors"

Dan Beltran released his single titled “Night Terrors” and he creates a calming acoustic instrumental with hints of influence from the classical guitar to modern folk music. It’s more challenging in my opinion for instrumentalists to fabricate hits that doesn’t have any vocals or lyrics due to the decreasing chances of the listener connecting strongly with the music. However, we believe Dan Beltran’s “Night Terrors” has this unique ability to give its listeners freedom to connect to the music however they choose. The open door that leads us to liberation of creativity and self-expression. We can paint vivid images that we feel best applies to the aesthetic of the music due to the dream-like resonance from the hauntingly enchanting guitar strings. If you’re looking for a well orchestrated sound that’s peaceful, relaxing, and fabricate a setting of serenity then you might want to check out “Night Terrors” by Dan Beltran.

Listen to "Night Terrors" here, and learn more about Dan Beltran in our interview below!

How has the journey been so far for you?

It's been a wild ride with life's fair share of up's and down's but I'm here for it.

What made you get into music Dan?

My dad got me into playing guitar when I was 6 years old; I've kept playing ever since, and I don't think I'll ever stop.

You have your own way of storytelling through lyricless music that we love, do you find it challenging at times?

I've written songs for a mix of different genres and every time I've started the writing process, it's on guitar. So, when I'm writing these acoustic instrumental pieces, it comes very natural and is so therapeutic for me. I really enjoy writing this kind of music and I hope others can find a sense of peace in them as well.

Mind telling us a little bit about your creation process of Night Terrors?

The opening "riff" for the track was what started it all and was just something I just played on my own while playing guitar at home. I would always come back to it time and again and decided to make a song of it.

What’s next for you?

Any future plans regarding your music? Since releasing "Night Terrors", I'm starting to work on a debut acoustic album with mostly original music and maybe a cover or two with some collaborations. So I guess this where I tell you all to "stay tuned".


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