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Dan Conway Is an Eclectic Artist Taking His Music Career to the Next Steps

Dan Conway is a unique artist from New York. Being broken, fractured pieces of Dan Conway’s psyche and actual physical being have proven to be the pieces that consist of Dan’s artistry. He’s a songwriter and a producer who’s looking to take his career to the next level in 2020. Relentless was his first single which was a rock anthem but Dan Conway refuses to be limited to one particular image. In an age where brand and image are everything; Dan wants to continue breaking barriers in the upcoming year. Dan is a writer who likes to speak from his personal experience. He creates the raw emotions and power behind each word in his melodies from personal encounters. Dan Conway receives a significant amount of praise and recognition for the quality of his voice.

Dan Conway has been told his voice connects with the listener in ways that hit the soul. Bringing in flavors of his greatest inspirations from the likes of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, James Hetfield of Metallica, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters which give him the grit to more sultry sounds of Ed Sheeran, James Bay, and John Mayer. Dan Conway’s eclectic background strengthens his appetite for greatness. If you’re wondering what’s next for Dan Conway? He will be performing in New York City in the upcoming year so keep him on your radar moving forward. Between performing and releasing new music, 2020 will be another great year for this young talent and we really can't wait to see what's next!

Listen to Dan Conway here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic Dan Conway! How is it living in New York? In what ways are you influenced by the city when writing new music? 

Thanks for having me back. Living in New York is interesting. There are so many different cultures, beliefs, and personalities in coexistence. For me, it’s intriguing to be able to connect with all of these different energies. Recently, on an adventure into the city, I saw how alive it could really be. In the same breath, I also saw how heart-wrenching it is. Witnessing the struggles of people on the streets who were battling addiction or homeless, humbled me greatly. This also sparked a sense of motivation within me, igniting a drive to do more with my music. I want to use music as a voice not only for me but for the people. 

Tell us about your record “Relentless”, what was your goal with this record?

I don’t think any goal for any record is ever truly achieved because there are always more people to connect with and reach out to. In our previous interview, I discussed how “Relentless” was created during a time of healing. The writing process was therapeutic for me; the record became not only a musical achievement, but a reminder that I can turn to music to grow from hurt, rather than allowing the hurt to debilitate me.

Your amazing album, “Sycamore Sessions” what was the biggest challenge you had to face when making this project?

The biggest challenge I had to face when making my album “Sycamore Sessions” was deciding which songs I wanted to include. There were about 8-10 songs that had the potential to be on it, but as I concerned more about the flows and the meanings behind the songs, it seemed that the record began to put itself together. I wrote and produced “Sycamore Sessions” entirely from home. One of the other challenges I faced was deciding how I would start a song. Songs can start in many ways; at times I will start with a lyric, sometimes with a guitar line, and other times I will start with a sound that creates a feeling. This was a different kind of challenge, one that allowed me to grow as an artist. To find the best way to bring a song to life, I learned to use a variety of tools and colors to paint sound with, as well as to focus on the inspiration behind the songs.

Hard question Dan, which song from “Sycamore Sessions” is your personal favorite?

My favorite song from “Sycamore Sessions” has to be “Fell For You,” mainly because I think I was able to create a really cohesive sound. From the percussion and melodies playing off of one another to the raspy tone to my voice. I believe you can listen to this song and feel what I felt at the time of its creation. As an artist, I think the best thing you can do is make people feel by weaving different moods and energies throughout a particular song. I think I achieved this with “Fell For You.”

What were some arrangements you experimented with in your single “Electric Sunshine”?

For my single “Electric Sunshine,” I only had one arrangement. As I was creating the different parts, I just let each new sound lead me to the next piece I needed to add. This song came together easily for me. At the time, I was feeling very inspired and wanted to create something that I never had before. Each sound that layered into the mix seemed to fall into place just as I imagined it. Throughout the process of creating the song, the image I saw in my head became clearer and clearer. I trusted in myself and allowed my creativity to take me to the finish line. I will always remember this song.

What’s next for you in the new year Dan, we can't wait to hear what's next from you!

I just finished a live session at Zin Records. I went into the studio with a vision, and I believe we fulfilled that vision and ultimately created something that was even better than I originally anticipated. I performed a seven-song set, which included a cover of a Post Malone song and six other original songs that I composed on the acoustic guitar. I believe this project will not only be visually stimulating, but will show off my guitar playing, vocal, and songwriting abilities. My songs tell a story, and in totality portray a message of strength. Adversity brings out the best in me, and I am excited to share my stories through this performance. Remember to stay current with all things Dan Conway by checking out my YouTube page. You can find me by searching “Dan Conway Relentless.” I am excited about the new year, and to see where this road will take me. 



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