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Dan Onkar Tells Tales Straight From the Heart With His Recent EP, 'A Night Like This'

The British/Nigerian Singer/Songwriter and Producer Dan Onkar is garnering much attention from his recent conceptual and thorough EP, "A Night Like This."

Speaking on the project itself, Dan Onkar stated, "-The project is influenced by 80s West African music (like highlife, afrobeat, and disco) and R&B." Onkar attempted to merge his two different upbringings across London and Lagos into this project while not only embracing this unique merger but paying tribute to the pride he has for both homelands.

Through six tracks on the EP, "A Night Like This," Dan Onkar mentioned that when creating the EP's intro track, "If I Lie," he was hit with the EP's concept surrounding an in-depth conversation with a significant other. He also stated that living in Nigeria, one continually hears the phrase 'If I lie, make water carry me go,' which translates to 'If I'm lying, I'm dying.' With reassuring and heartfelt tracks like this and "Tales By Moonlight," one is bound to feel their hearts flutter.

Continuing the EP "A Night Light This" with tracks like "In The Morning," a passionate song surrounding the pleasant morning after a good night with a loved one, and "Pass," an equally passionate song regarding the height of the pandemic and not know when he would reunite with his loved ones.

While closing the EP with the tracks "Spring Water" and "Want It With You," both songs highlight Dan Onkar's unhindered passion for his woman and not regretting a single aspect of their lengthy relationship.

Through each heartfelt and sweet-sounding R&B, Trap, and Hip-Hop track on his EP "A Night Like This," Dan Onkar puts his pride aside and offers a beautifully conceptual project for listeners to savor.

What inspired you to create an entire project surrounding your blaring passion and love for your significant other with "A Night Like This"?

I think sometimes in my music in regards to love, I’ve focused on pain, regret, and loss so I felt it was important to speak about the best parts of love but ultimately to share a fun experience. Not everything that’s good, ends badly and even when it does it doesn’t mean it was never good, so it was important for me to highlight the good times, the euphoric moments.

What does your EP "A Night Like This" mean to you?

It’s the freedom to me, it is fun and it feels like home. It is a body of work I’ve been trying to put together for a while and it means the world to me to be able to share this with people. It signifies growth and expansion in my artistry, being able to tell stories on different tempos without losing what I think is my identity

Is this the most personal and vulnerable you've ever gotten on an entire EP?

Every song and story is personal for me but I wouldn’t say most vulnerable, I think Unstable (the last EP was that for me). This however was the most challenging and nerve-racking, I was super nervous to release just thinking if people would receive it how I’ve made it and I still get nervous every day but so far I am super excited with the feedback

When merging London and Lagos' mindsets and sonic elements on your EP "A Night Like This," how did you sonically capture these aspects and deliver them within the project?

Most importantly for me was finding the balance between both sounds and being able to deliver it as one thing. Growing up, London had a heavy Caribbean influence which you can hear in Spring Water so it was just as natural for me to make that as it was for me to make In The Morning. RnB is my first introduction to music so this is always a foundation for me. As an artist it’s important not to overthink the creation of the music, the sonics the lyrics, and sound are all things I was conscious about but never let be the driving force in my creativity I just wanted to make songs I liked with people I liked who knew what I was trying to achieve and that way I think it’s easier to get what you want naturally

Is there a particular track off your EP "A Night Like This" that's your favorite and the most personal to you?

My Favourite changes all the time but today it’s Tales By Moonlight. It was the first one out and the proverbial sacrificial lamb you could say

What has been keeping you inspired and creative while creating new music this year?

My family and friends really, it’s been a tough year for everyone, so it’s just been good to share these moments talking to them more. I was on a 5-way call with my friends when I made Pass it, I’d usually have them come to the studio in a normal year but not this year.

Also, the fact I could produce the number of songs I could on this record has given me a stronger challenge to go deeper into that part of my artistry. And also the music that has been coming out this year has been amazing and so impressive from everyone just being able to sacrifice not performing all these great songs just so you could share moments with listeners.

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