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Dana Hits the Mark on Latest Single "Rejuvenation"

Originally born and raised in Huntsville, AL, and now residing in North Carolina, Dana White is a self-taught singer/songwriter, creator, producer, and content designer.

After releasing three well-received, independent albums, Dana began to be discouraged about his voice and let his insecurities set in. As of late, he has finally been releasing new music and is on a path to continue to share his talents and gifts to all who receive its message without past insecurities that held him back.

"Rejuvenation" is and will forever be important for renewing the mind and refreshing the soul. Dana chooses his subject matter precisely according to his journey.

"Rejuvenation" speaks volumes about the way Dana is feeling. The emotion in his voice takes the listener on a journey from life traveled in his shoes. The soundscape surrounds Dana's voice with smooth heartbeat-like beats and ticking percussions, giving the track an unmistakable R&B feel.

Dana passionately sings to his other half about his new peace and how she takes away his pain. Having someone that is positively influential in your life feels rejuvenating indeed. "A deep mental cleanse, You make me whole again," shows us just how much she means to him and how important it is to have people like her in your life.

This is the track to put on on a Sunday, or on any relaxed moment where you'd like to feel rejuvenated. So find your moment of "Rejuvenation" today and stream Dana's new hit single, available on all streaming platforms now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Dana! We're so amped to have you join us today! We love "Rejuvenation" and appreciate the message it comes with. What was your primary source of creativity, and how did you first come up with the concept?

My source of creativity was the love I finally found for myself, the love of my life, and the love spiritually that is the source of my naturally peaceful nature and heart of service.

"Rejuvenate" gives off such good vibes and so much clarity overall. Who would you say inspired you most while growing up to achieve what you did with this song?

I would say that just my love for music of all genres and coming from a musical family inspired me to make music. Of course, one of the main people that comes to mind is my nephew, Marcello, who started as a Christian rapper and allowed me to record my first song with him, which started my push in pursuing my career.

As an artist, what was one moment in your career that you cherish and think about when you are down or in a difficult situation?

The one moment I think about in my career that keeps me going is God allowing positive people always to find their way to me and keep pushing me forward.

"Rejuvenation" holds our soul but do you think you'll ever branch out and dabble in different genres? If not, why?

I love all types of musical genres. The album I am working on has other genre elements, such as pop, dance, and electronic sounds. My dream is to finally make an all dance house album that is 90's inspired, such as Hathaway's "What is love" era. This is one of my favorite go-to genres. I also like artists like Sade.

What's next for you?

I am hoping to reach more with my love-inspired music to where I can finally do this as a full career. I want to have my first tour. I also want to work and collaborate with some of my favorite artists eventually. I want to create spaces for creative individuals, fundraisers, businesses, inspire others, and more. Most importantly, I want to make a life for my partner to retire and enjoy life together and travel because they have worked from a very young age, and I want to not see them in so much pain from working so hard for those who don't value them.

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