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"Dance A Lot," With Matte's Radiant Song Of The Summer

Los Angeles-based r&b/pop recording artist and singer-songwriter Matte has us moving and grooving with his lively new single, "Dance A Lot.'

Matte's music career travels at high speeds with style and substance. Instead of sharing meaningless, random braggadocious bars and lyrics, Matte serves up great detail in his lyrical stories that can relate to any listener. He's just about ready to drop his debut solo project, but until then, he has us grooving with his latest single

It's clear Matte wanted us to "Dance A Lot" when hearing this bright and infectious new tune. It's the perfect party-starter for any summer jam, helping people let loose, bask in the warmth, and live in the moment carefree. It's a sweet, passionate, and uplifting experience anyone can appreciate.

This summery new single kicks off with smooth r&b keys, warm electric guitars, and upbeat drum arrangements that get our hips moving. He wastes no time throwing us into a lush and exciting sonic atmosphere, paired with his sultry and passionate lyrics that leave us breaking a sweat. Of course, Matte met someone who wants to "Dance A Lot," and he's not complaining.

This single is truly a treat for any listener who appreciates uplifting r&b tunes that complete any summer playlist. It's an incredibly refreshing experience that helps us better understand Matte's unique lyrical abilities and his desire to make listeners feel good in the moment.

One thing's for sure, anyone who hears Matte's irresistible new tune is bound to "Dance A Lot." Spice up your summer the right way and hit play on Matte's new single for your next jam, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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