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Dance out to Redahan’s Latest Release “Nowhere Baby"

Redahan is back again with his incredibly exciting new EP ‘Through The Palms,’ this EP was produced, mixed, and engineered by legendary engineers Andrew Lappin and Alex Edwards, and was masted by the iconic Joe Laporta at Sterling Sound. Off of ‘Through The Palms’ is the eclectic record “Nowhere Baby,” and we are absolutely in love with it. “Nowhere Baby” is full of fun pop vibes, every single second of this record radiates such good energy that we could not help but start dancing to as soon as the groove hit. Speaking of this groove, it feels really good to listen to. Redahan master crafts an ever so groovy rhythm that features a punchy drum kit that has a bit of that Nashville flair to it, an exciting dynamically evolving guitar riff that flips between a clean and crunchy tone between sections, and then is finished by Redahan’s impressive vocal performance that keeps a perfectly silky touch that feels like the cherry on the cake. We love the storytelling in “Nowhere Baby,” Redahan tells us about giving all the pieces and everything that someone wants, but the other is not wanting it. This bittersweet message is beautifully complimented by Redahan’s ability to craft a record that is full of excitement despite the deeper meaning behind the lyrics. We cannot wait to hear what is coming next from Redahan.

You can listen to “Nowhere Baby” here.


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