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Dance Under The “Palms,” With Kacey Fifield & Little Rain’s New Single

Los Angeles-based award-winning singer-songwriter, humanitarian, and adventurous pop artist Kacey Fifield continue exploring the electronic music genre with her newest single and collaboration with producer Little Rain, "Palms."

17-year-old Kacey Fifield has been releasing music for the last seven years. Having won a handful of awards for her songs and music videos, Fifield's velvety vocals, vivid storytelling, and musical experimentation gives her an edge not many young pop artists have.

This time around, Kacey Fifield is back and better than ever with her second collaboration with South Korean electronic dance producer Little Rain, blessing listeners with the uplifting, tropical-flavored new single, "Palms." Considering the pair's past collab wrangled in over 300k streams, we can only expect the same success with this lush new track.

Hitting play on "Palms," we're met with soft and plucky electric guitar samples alongside tender percussion, warm keys, and Kacey Fifield's breathy vocals. Her soothing delivery brings an incredibly calming and relaxed tone to the song that's enhanced perfectly by Little Rain's sweet-sounding electronic production.

The subtle beat drop with added percussion and groovy piano melodies bring a serene island vibe that takes us deep into the "Palms." This is the perfect end-of-summer escape that helps you savor the moments under the summer sun, maybe prompting you to throw one last hurrah. Through this song, and Fifield's recent releases, we've come to realize that any electronic adventure she takes will be an excellent one.

Summer's not over just yet; keep the party alive with help from Kacey Fifield and Little Rain's uplifting new single, "Palms," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Kacey Fifield. Your new single, "Palms," is another top-notch addition to your recent adventure into the electronic genre. What inspired you to write this particular tropical and feel-good track?

Little Rain's super upbeat track gave me such tropical vibes, so that was definitely the inspiration for the paradise motif of the song. The rest of the song was centered around the idea of connecting the palms that represent a tropical vacation with the importance of staying in your happy place and maintaining positivity even when life tries to rip that away.

What was your experience working with producer Little Rain again for "Palms?" Would you say there's creative chemistry between you two that helps your songs come to life?

Of course! Little Rain is such a talented producer, and we work together super well. I always love the songs we make, and I can't wait to collaborate more in the future!

What sort of images or scenes did you want to provide for listeners with your lyrics in "Palms?" What did you want listeners to feel and imagine?

I definitely want listeners to think back to their favorite beachside memories—whether it be a tropical vacation or a local getaway—the song should remind people of the yearning feeling of not wanting to leave their paradise and how this feeling connects to the way life tries to take us away from our happy place.

How would you describe your sound as an artist now that you're starting to broaden your horizons? Do you still want to stay true to your core pop sound?

For sure! I'm still a pop artist, but I absolutely love incorporating electronic and house elements into my music. Experimenting with different types of instrumentation is a great way for me to expand and grow as an artist!

What's next for you?

My debut album, 'Between the Lines,' is dropping on September 30th. I can't wait for everyone to hear these songs!


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