Dance Your Worries Away With KAYKO's New Hit, "Somedays"

Coming in hot from Washington, DC, singer-songwriter, electronic/pop recording artist, and producer KAYKO reminds us that having off-days is A-OK with his latest single, "Somedays."

KAYKO's music is best described as atmospheric and emotional electronic dance music and pop. He blesses listeners with introspective, edgy, emotional music about love, heartbreak, and self-realization. He focuses on the melodic aspects of EDM while infusing a pop, rock, or pop-rock style into his many diverse tracks.

In his latest tune, "Somedays," KAYKO delivers an energetic and exciting blend of progressive house and vibrant pop. He mentioned how making music under KAYKO is his mission to rediscover himself after experiencing a life-changing break-up. Songs like "Somedays" examine those emotional moments where life has us down, out, and unmotivated.

Expanding on the refreshing new single, "Somedays," we're met with bright piano chords and buzzy vocal samples that drop into a lush and bouncy electronic beat. KAYKO's vocals on the first verse hit us with all the passion and emotion we could ask for. It's interesting how his lyrics discuss incredibly personal scenes of feeling unmotivated and wanting to run away, yet his sonics take us to the beach with refreshing, cheerful vibes.

Whether you want to cry it out or jam it out, KAYKO has what you're looking for in this sweet new single. His warm vocals and crisp articulation make it clear that he's definitely taken part in musical theater, and his overall performance abilities would say the same. His vocals and accompanying sonics keep our attention locked until the very last gripping and cathartic kick.

There's so much to experience in this dense and engaging hit. KAYKO's honest words and chilling production make it clear that he's in it for the long haul.

Put your problems to rest with help from KAYKO's relatable anthem, "Somedays," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic KAYKO, and congratulations on your latest release, "Somedays." What inspired you to create this incredibly personal yet energetic tune?

The idea behind my single Somedays stems from current bits and pieces of some self-healing work I’m doing. In the days leading up to my writing the track, I was in a funk. I hyper-focused on why my days seemed to blend together and why at moments, I felt okay and others, I didn’t— which you can hear described in both verses. All the tracks I’ve put out so far have been about heartbreak and love— which has been a huge muse for my writing but isn’t the entirety of what KAYKO is, so I thought I’d add some variety.

Why did you want to give "Somedays" such a thrilling sonic atmosphere, even though your lyrics are so personal and emotional?

I’d often hear these mainstream EDM tracks on the radio by the Chainsmokers, Zedd, Calvin Harris, and David Guetta, for instance, all touching on similar subjects such as love and heartbreak— Zedd's Clarity is a great example. I started to notice that with more atmospheric music, the availability to drive your point across widens. You give more room for echos & reverbs to play out — which has always given me the feeling as if I’m not just listening to the music, but I’m actually in that moment. With that in mind, it gave me the opportunity to do the same and give my fans time to absorb what’s going on in my head, which is you're not alone, and we all feel a lack of self-love at times.

Speaking of your personal lyrics in "Somedays," how did you want your words to make listeners feel? Did you write your lyrics in hopes that others could relate?

The track starts off slow and progressively gets more intense, which mimics some of the moods I was feeling when I wrote it. The song was written from a very personal angle but with the intention that everyone can relate to it. Even though the song is about self-love, you can take bits and pieces of it and apply it to pretty much any situation.

What was the peak of creating "Somedays?" What was your favorite part about creating such a relatable and engaging track?

Hmm… that’s a good question. I wouldn't say that I enjoy one part more than the others, but definitely hearing the end result for the first time was a big one. Like any artist, I put an immense amount of time into each line I write— so I’d also say the process of writing each song is quite enjoyable too.

What's next for you?

A ton of things! I’m currently working on a bunch of new dance, house & electronic tracks that’ll be dropping through the upcoming year and into the next. As for an immediate answer, I’m currently finishing up my next single, which takes a very different direction musically than what I’ve put out before. I'm teaming up with Nia Monae (PinkMoni), the winner of the WAMMIE Awards for “Beat Rap Album of 2022,” on this one. It’s still EDM, but I go a bit harder on the lyrics (ego-driven), and the beat might make you want to twerk! To be honest— I’m terrified of dropping it because of how different it is, but I guess you’ll have to wait and see.