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Dane Gives Us "You Special"

Dejuan Dangerfield, otherwise known by his stage name Dane, is originally from

Chicago and eventually relocated to Los Angeles in his teenage years. Dane likes to call his

fresh new sound as “Contemporary R&B”. Some of his influences include Michael Jackson and

Usher. Dejuan hopes to share his life experience, struggles, and goals through his music to his

listeners. Eventually, Dane hopes to incorporate a live band to his performances for a more

authentic experience and has sworn to devote his heart and soul in sharing his music for those

who will listen.

A cool vibe and sound introduces us to the track, “You Special” that perfectly aligns

without 2019’s sound of music. As the song progresses, there are hints of throwback sounds to

the early 2000’s R&B along with a touch of 2019’s pop and upbeat music. The song itself is

upbeat and grooving as Dane sings about a girl that he believes is the one for him. There is no

doubt that this is a love song, but Dane is able to bring a new sound to a theme as old as time

The production quality along with Dane’s vocals are solid in itself and are sure to catch people’s

attention once aired on Radio or streamed on SoundCloud. Dane will make your playlist pop

with his throwback sound to the 2000s while making a sound of his own.

Catch Dane's "You Special" on SoundCloud, and get to know the artist through his personalized interview below!

Hello! Can you tell the BuzzMusic community a little about yourself and your music career?

    Hey, I'm Dane a local artist in the San Fernando Valley hit originally from Chicago IL.  I was raised in the chorus as a Tenor and didn’t really venture into Hip-Hop until I was like 13 or 14.  I’ve been making music ever since!  I developed over time a passion to write and sing and produce most of my music because early on I could afford to have someone to produce my beat so along with my Buddy Neil aka Slim Duckey we started producing out if my apartment.  This project A Conduit of Light is purely us from the snare to the lead melody we created it all ourselves.  I want to reach the stars by working as hard as I can on what I love.

What motivates you and drives you to make music for other people?

Well, my passion and motivation isn’t specifically for other people I make music that reflects my past, current and hopefully future experience.  So i’m hoping there are people out there that have went through some of the things i’ve been through in life and therefore they can relate to and enjoy my sound.

What is something you want your listeners to take away from your track, “You Special”?

It’s a track talking about the girl you want to pay attention to you but don’t know how to specifically ask. Its also an ode to the islands who originate alot of popular music and never really get any recognition.  I want the listener to enjoy the song and know each and every women we meet in life is special.

How long did it take you to write “You Special”?

A week!  I wanted to get the lyrics just right to convey my emotion because this song is amazing to me.

Did you experience any challenges in the creation process of "You Special"?

Not really anything that warrants a response mainly just creating the song wasn’t the easiest thing trying to create an island feel while staying true to my R&B roots was probably the hardest thing.


Catch up with Dane on the artist's socials:

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