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Dane Talks His Inspiration Behind His New Single "Cash Rules" & More in New Interview

Hey Dane! Welcome back to BuzzMusic! We’re completely captivated by your authentic lyrics and modern sound. Could you share what inspired your single “Cash Rules”?

Well, I’ve always been a fan of Wu-Tang clan and this song was sort of an Ode to their famous song cream. Now a days we live in a world where money rules all and thats our main focus and goal each day to bring home the bacon. I wanted to make something that encompasses the past as well as the now. So you get Cash Rules like the cash commandments lol.

Can you tell us about the recording process for "Cash Rules"? Did you find yourself in any challenges throughout the creation process?

It's always a process recording because I’m kind of a perfectionist so I like to make sure my music is high quality from the vocals to the production to the mixing. There was a bit of a process get the mix just right but nothing too crazy.

You’ve mentioned artists like Micheal Jackson and Usher being some of your influences. Is there anyone you had as a role model, or maybe still do?

As a young-in, I didn’t have a father growing up so looking to outside role models specifically entertainers was my main source of role models I had. And like Michael Jackson and Usher, they helped shape me into the artist I am today.

You’ve mentioned that your ultimate goal is to be backed up by a live band, that’s awesome! How do you think it would add to the live experience you offer?

Definitely, it will ramp up the energy of the performance. Also, add that missing element of creating a truly unique experience from the piano to the drums recreating the tracks with the live instruments will be amazing.

What can fans expect next from you Dane?

Well, way more shows I’m performing Tomorrow night at the Elevation lounge in Sherman Oaks and releasing my 3rd EP titled W.H.A.L.E which means “What Happens After Long Effort”. Hopefully, I can get on someone's tour soon.

Listen to "Cash Rules" here.



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