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Dani Rey and Lord Rogue Take Us to the "Westside" With Their Latest Hit

From Chicago to Los Angeles, singer-songwriter and r&b artist Dani Rey teams up with Lord Rogue for their feel-good end-of-summer single entitled "Westside."

After discovering her love for writing music and acting, Dani Rey followed her calling out to Los Angeles, where she developed and honed in on her evolving creative endeavors. With an undying passion for r&b music, Dani Rey is able to blend its soulful vibes with modern pop elements and contemporary hip-hop to make for a unique listening experience.

Now releasing her refreshing debut single, "Westside," Dani Rey and Lord Rogue take us through the peaks of living life on the west coast. While grooving to the song's upbeat and feel-good production, Dani Rey and Lord Rogue deliver their uplifting bars/lyrics alongside their unforgettable performances.

Listening to "Westside," the song takes off with a warm vocal sample and lush keyboard melodies that bring listeners into the song's upbeat vibe. As Lord Rogue makes his bright and relaxed vocal appearance, he begins to enlighten us on how the west side is the best side while encouraging us to seize each day and take our chances to reach for the stars.

As Dani Rey hops on the track, she begins to vocalize her passion for living out west while jumping into her upbeat rap that tells a similar story of never taking the hot west coast for granted. As their lush r&b sonics and accompanying passionate performances lead us to the song's end, both artists leave us inspired to take each opportunity we get to live the life we dream of.

Cruise through the "Westside" with Dani Rey's debut single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Dani Rey, and congratulations on the release of your feel-good debut single, "Westside." Why did you want this song to lead the way of your solo career and act as an introduction to new listeners?

Thank you so much! A lot of the songs I had been writing over the past two years were more serious so when I heard the beat for Westside it was refreshing and uplifting. A captivating beat is everything to me and Westside is a whole vibe. Lord Rogue’s catchy chorus was super easy for me to write to, the lyrics flowed out of me as they usually do when a song is simply meant to be. I originally planned on using a different song for my debut single however, I decided I wanted to start with something fun and just in time for the end of summer to keep the party going after another unpredictable year for everyone. My singing/rapping combination is something I’ve always done and was excited to incorporate in my first single to show listeners what they can expect from me and my music.

What inspired the creation of your debut single, "Westside?" Why did you want to create a song that pays tribute to your life on the west coast?

Although I grew up near Chicago, California has always been an important part of my life. I have a lot of families here that I would visit multiple times a year and with every vacation, I fell more in love with California. As soon as I could, I moved across the country to pursue my dreams on the West coast. My debut single, “Westside” represents my entire journey up until now. Everything I’ve been through in my life has only guided me and prepared me for this moment. Being able to share this song with the universe means so much to me because Westside is about taking risks, having the best time of your life, and never giving up on your dreams.

What drew you to the stylings of Lord Rogue to feature on your single, "Westside?" What was your collaboration like?

I love Lord’s sound because it’s that chill raspy vibe similar to mine. Lord Rogue’s music is laid-back but still gets people on their feet and is the epitome of feel-good music. Our collaboration radiates magnetic energy and highlights who we both are as individual artists. Creating "Westside" with Lord Rogue has been extremely inspirational and rewarding.

What should we expect to hear from your future releases? Will you continue creating light-hearted and fun r&b tunes like your single, "Westside?"

My future releases will become deeper over time. Sharing my specific experiences are what makes my music so personal. I can hint that my next single will be soulful and sensual. I strive to make music that people can dance to as well as relate to. R&B is my favorite genre however my style of music isn’t limited so I am excited to reveal the different sides of Dani Rey with each project and see what people resonate with the most. But don’t fret, there are plenty more up-beat, lively tracks in the making.

What's next for you?

Only God Knows but more music, for sure! Currently, I’m focused on releasing a few singles as well as putting together my debut EP. You can definitely expect more exciting collaborations along the way, but the rest - you’ll just have to wait and see. Thank you BuzzMusic for featuring me and for shining your spotlight on my debut single, Westside. It’s available now on Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, Youtube, Deezer, and iHeart Radio.

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