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Daniel AMP & Ray Knowledge Team Up For An Exceptional New Track, "War Vet"

From the enclaves of Mount Vernon, New York, hip-hop recording artist, rapper, and songwriter Daniel AMP pairs up with the smooth stylings of fellow rapper Ray Knowledge for their assertive new single, "War Vet."

Life's trials and tribulations led Daniel AMP to express himself through the freedom and creativity of music. Inspired by the likes of Rakim, Biggie, Tupac, Big Pun, and many more, AMP now strives to leave the same impact on the misguided youth as his legendary influences. His tracks have even landed on Netflix, Fox News, and sporting events within the NBA, NFL, and UFC.

Daniel AMP's music is for people from all walks of life, and that message is amplified tenfold in his latest collaboration with Ray Knowledge in "War Vet." The song perfectly showcases AMP's unique metaphors and powerful punchlines alongside Knowledge's smooth flow and warm vibe. The production is another chilling aspect that lets the boys shine bright in the spotlight.

Expanding on "War Vet," the track smoothly flows through our speakers with a tender ambiance, warming up the vibe with celestial background synths and a unique, melodic undertone. As Daniel AMP jumps in, he hits us over the head with dominant bars, excellent diction, and sharp alliterations that radiate authority.

Moving into Ray Knowledges verse, he turns up the song's sweet ambiance with his calming and poised approach that's equally as dominant but offers a softer and more composed edge to even out the energy. Daniel AMP makes his energetic appearance once more towards the song's end while the production's mid-tempo drums tap their way to the lush outro.

Experience the dynamic and versatile ways of Daniel AMP and Ray Knowledge in their latest captivating single, "War Vet," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Daniel AMP. We're genuinely impressed with the unique and smooth vibe of your latest single with Ray Knowledge, "War Vet." When did you begin executing ideas for this track? Did anything inspire you?

Hi BuzzMusic, thanks for having me, and thank you for such caring words about my music. War Vet was one of that in-the-moment kinds of records. My producer played it for me in the studio one day after being on tour, and I instantly connected with the record. I'm still trying to find my sound & direction, so that inspires me to take new risks on different songs. Today, music fans are so forgiving that they don't really hold your losses against you. I think with that in mind, I just went for it, and we were able to create a really good record that people really enjoy.

What was it like working with Ray Knowledge for "War Vet?" What do you think he added to the song?

Ray's the homie, and honestly, this collaboration was long overdue. Ray brought that southern swag & energy that's known to elevate a record into another galaxy. I'm not capping at all either! The dude is literally one of the most talented artists I know, and I've worked with. I think based on "War Vet," we need to run it back a time or two!

Who produced the smooth and atmospheric production for "War Vet?" Why did you want the song to offer this sweet and chilling ambiance?

Stu Stapleton produced the record! I'm honestly surrounded by talented people & Stu is undoubtedly one of them! I mean, I don't know another producer who works anywhere near as hard as that dude. Literally from sun up to sun down, he's invested into his craft, spending countless hours getting better and growing as a creative. But I have a saying I live by when creating records, and that's "Never try to take more than the production gives." The production just felt like a chill/epic vibe, and I didn't want to ruin that by trying to create something that wasn't there, you know what I mean!

Could you tell us about what you want to stand for and represent as an artist? How do songs like "War Vet" tie into those beliefs?

That's such a loaded question, and there's so much that comes to mind when I hear a question like this, but if I had to answer with one word, I would tell the truth! I don't want my music to escape reality but a tool that prepares people to face reality. My music is for those who struggle because it's been birthed out of struggle, so when someone turns on a Daniel AMP record, I want them to know this is something real!

What's next for you?

A lot more music, a lot more videos, and hopefully a lot more of me in the public square gaining traction as an artist that people want to support!

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