Daniel Blake Serenades Us With New Single “For The Rush”

Daniel Blake released the sweet melody “For The Rush” off his album titledCircle Mountain”. A song that tells the story of someone who longs for the recklessness that often gets stripped away through age & wisdom. Daniel Blake draws from his own youthfulness recounting the late-night bonfires, first loves & the pain of moving on. It’s a story that most of us can relate too. Rather we’ve experienced our first love and heartbreak yet or not, we will eventually encounter meeting a special someone who may or may not break our hearts but at least we have “For The Rush” to fall back on to allow our emotions to roam freely in the air while listening.

A time-less single, “For The Rush” speaks to our feelings while Daniel Blake lyrically vents for his listeners. The canorous acoustic guitar strings serenades you with its romantic and emotional chords before Daniel’s passionate and dwell-some yet chilling and hauntingly beautiful vocal resonance floats in, smooth-sailing us across the single while he lyrically projects a story most of us can communicate and relate to well. I loved the softness of the entire song. It helps us feel comfortable with easing out our stress and tuning in our emotions. It was a nice and well orchestrated blend of Daniel’s delicate vocals and the song soft aesthetic.

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