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Daniel Yates Goes Beyond Our Expectations In New Single “Tired Of Being Stoned”

Huntsvilles own Daniel Yates is a well-respected and highly influential artist within the community. Daniel Yates is truly as authentic as it gets—a singer/songwriter who remains true to himself throughout the entirety of his musical execution. Daniel Yates is an artist who has heavy influences stemming from old troubadours, without a doubt influencing his sound. Yates seems like an artist who is creating a category within the typical country genre. He articulately curates a sound that is both the honky tonk sound we’ve known to love, alongside the more modern sound we hear in pop country lately. Combining two genres can be tricky, and often risky depending on the execution of production, however Yates is no rookie when it comes to the curation of music, which is clearly seen in his latest single. 

“Tired Of Being Stoned” is the country sound you didn’t think you were missing out on—until now. Daniel shines in his latest single, having that appealing honky tonk aspect we were talking about, combined with the more modern sound we are used to hearing nowadays. Daniel Yates crafts the lyricism well—you can feel his emotions pour off of him throughout the song. If there’s one thing you learn when listening to this track, it’s that Daniel Yates pours his passion, honesty and vulnerability into his music—Yates is far from a fabricated artist, he reveals his true authenticity in his music. 

“Tired Of Being Stoned” begins with a serene melody, and soon transitions into Yates lyricism. Some country songs we hear out there aren’t able to blend the melody and flow of lyricism well into one another, but “Tired Of Being Stoned” is far from making that mistake! I have nothing but positive comments on this single. When listening to the song, I feel as if I should reminisce alongside the cabin, a fire cackling nearby. Definitely one of those songs that has a melody that gives the listener a warm and reminiscent feeling. At the end of this song, it is clear to me that Yates upholds a mature and rugged sound throughout his music—the tone he has is perfectly crisp and captures the più lento technique incredibly well. 

Listen to “Tired Of Being Stoned” here and get to know more about Daniel Yates below!

Hi there Daniel! Tell our readers something you’d like them to know about you.

I started writing songs about 13 years ago. 

We so clearly hear the honky tonk sound throughout your music—who would you say is your main influence when it comes to the curation of that song within your music?

Recent influences would definitely be Luke Combs and Jon Pardi... but I grew up singing along to Garth Brooks and George Straight in the 90’s. 

How long did it take you to write “Tired Of Being Stoned”? Was the process easy, or fairly difficult?

This song came together rather quickly. Both melody and lyrics were complete within an hour of finding the inspiration.

Was “Tired Of Being Stoned” produced the way you originally visioned it being?

The vision I had for the song really came to life while working with (Adam Rogers/Shaun Bayles) Echo Lounge Sound Studio in Johnson, AR. 

What will you be up to musically for the rest of 2019?

I am super excited about 2019! I have a busy summer booked and I am currently in the studio working on my debut EP set to release summer of 2019. 


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