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DANiiVORY Strikes Us with "Pink Lightning"

From Pennsylvania to Nashville, the impressive singer-songwriter and r&b/soul pop artist DANiiVORY releases a stunningly magnetic single entitled "Pink Lightning."

Holding a love for music since before she can remember, this passion later led DANiiVORY to tour with powerhouse acts like Beyonce, Cee-Lo Green, Rhye, Imagine Dragons, and many more. Currently creating dreamy electro-pop music from her home studio in Nashville, DANiiVORY is more than excited to open the following chapters of her career.

Now releasing her dreamy and iridescent pop single, "Pink Lightning," DANiiVORY truly leaves us wanting more of this uplifting and transcendent sound. While merging anthemic electronic undertones with organic instrumentation and DANiiVORY's brilliant vocal stylings, she's sure to leave any listener in awe of her electrifying performance.

Listening to "Pink Lightning," the track opens with bright steel drums accompanied by an upbeat electronic drum arrangement. As the background synths and waves begin to crash over DANiiVORY's dynamic vocal stylings, the song later lifts us into the sky-high hook while leaving our ears locked into the song's ever-changing sonics.

Around the second verse, we're met with organic acoustic guitar melodies and shimmering keys that float down alongside DANiiVORY's angelic stylings. We adore the use of synthetic and organic instrumentals, as it makes for a chilling and refreshing listening experience. As the outro begins to seep through our speakers with mysterious and haunting vocal tones/layering, DANiiVORY closes the song off on a sweet note of passion and desire.

Spark up your summer with DANiiVORY's latest single, "Pink Lightning," available now on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, DANiiVORY. We're head over heels for your bright and anthemic pop single, "Pink Lightning." What inspired you to create this thrilling summer bop?

Thank you so much!!! I was on tour at the time and a few days before I wrote this song (which was in my hotel room), I was in Houston, Texas. I was in a parking lot on my way to visit an old friend and a streak of pink lightning flashed across the sky. I've always loved lightning storms from when I was a child. I remember sitting next to the back door screen during storms with the door cracked open so I could listen to the rumble of the clouds and the rush of the rain. If the lightning was really strong, I would run-up to the top floor and the farthest bedroom at the end of the hall. There was a window in that room that had an amazing view for miles (since our house sat on a hill). I would watch the lightning strike through the clouds. Something about it invigorated me. Anyways, when I saw the pink lightning in Texas, it reminded me of all the times I witnessed its power in my past and became the electric metaphor for an experience I had.

Was there a particular message you wanted to convey within your lyricism for "Pink Lightning?" What themes did you want to capture within this single?

I hope people can relate to the song. I want the lyrics to resonate with listeners and to help facilitate thinking outside of generic stereotypes. I want the song to promote genuine curiosity, exploration, discovery for individuals while remaining true to who they are, yet loving every moment of the growing pains! What was it like working with Producers David Asambazde, James Krauss, and Anthony Focx for your single, "Pink Lightning"? How did they help bring the song to life?

I loved working with David, James, and Anthony. James (mixing engineer) and Anthony (mastering engineer) really help bring the nuances of the mix to life! David and I worked together on all of my songs for my upcoming album, so we spent countless hours in my home studio back in my old place in Los Angeles. We got to be very close friends through music and creativity. David is one of the most creative, intelligent, and hard-working people I know. He always had a suggestion to try to make a unique sound or record something different so it would bring a cool sound to the production of the song. This song went through several transformations with different beats for the Chorus section, but when this final version was created we knew it was the right one because we couldn't stop smiling and dancing.

Besides having toured with various staple artists and performers, could you tell us more about your solo musical brand and what you stand for/represent?

I have been working on my solo project since I was 5 years old, but was always derailed by an amazing opportunity to work with another artist. I try to allow myself to be honest and vulnerable in my music and hope to stand for freedom in thought and individuality. I write my songs from that very vulnerable and honest place but give myself creative license to exaggerate some circumstances to make the story more interesting or to create a more vivid image in the lyrics. I also hope to stand for uninhibited expression without fear of judgment.

What's next for you?

I will be releasing another single soon and shortly thereafter my full album with hopes for a live release performance and perhaps some tour dates!

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