Danish Singer Songwriter Frederikke Bohr Releases New Song "Heartbreaker"

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Frederikke Bohr is a Danish singer and songwriter that is currently on tour with her debut release. From an early age, Frederikke started singing and performing theater along with other children in her community. By the age of ten, she started to sing for the children’s choir at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Entering high school, Frederikke spent the following years at musical prep school. Over the past few years, Frederikke has performed at home and abroad, including New York several times. Frederikke’s inspiration in music derives from soul, R&B, funk and jazz. Her unique and powerful vocals along with her intense performances reel her audience in.

“Heartbreaker” is a funky and bluesy kind of tune that really sends chills with her belty

vocals. As we listen to Frederikke’s intense vocals, we are also captured by the cool

electric sounding organ and piano that ties in the beautiful minor key the track is written

in. By the end of the track we are sitting on the edge of our seats with Frederikke’s ease

to make us feel how she felt when she wrote this song. This is an amazing track that

features Frederikke’s abilities as a musician.

Check out our exclusive interview with Frederikke and be sure to check out her new song "Heartbreaker".

It's great to meet you Frederikke, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m a Danish Soul singer and songwriter, based in Copenhagen. I released my debut EP “Unbreakable” in May 2018 and for the past ten years I have given shows in the Copenhagen area with my band, singing my own songs. I’ve travelled to New York to perform as well and I’ve lived in Boston for one year back in 2012-2013 when I studied at Berklee College of Music. I always feel at home in the US and I’m definitely coming back in the future to tour.

How would you say your new EP is different than anything else you've released?

This EP is my debut release, so it’s the first time I’m showing my music to the public this way and it feels amazing to reach more people with my music!

The songs of the EP are very special to me, since most of them were written at a time when I was trying to find myself, as a singer and individual, and though the songs may come across as simple love songs, to me they represent a process I went through (and that I think we all go through over and over in life), a cycle of going through hard times and learning, getting stronger and wiser with renewed curiosity for life.

How has living in Denmark influenced your music career?

Denmark is a very small country and the genres Soul and R&B that I love to sing and write in are not very much alive here – it’s not a tradition that the Danes know very well. The challenge is to get the music out to the people – but once it’s out, people love to listen to Soul music!!

Do you write all of your music?

All of the EP songs are written by me, except for one of the songs where I wrote one of the parts with the pianist of the band at that time. I like to write alone and have worked like that in the past, mostly. For my next album I’m planning to do more co-writing.

For those who haven't seen you perform live - how would you describe your show and stage presence?

On stage is where I feel most alive. I love it so much. A great performance is when I feel I’ve shown my emotional register – all the way from vulnerable to powerful and strong. I’m deeply immersed in the music when I perform and I communicate a lot with the audience – they are the ones I sing to and for.

What's next for you?

Touring in Europe, and the rest of the world of course is a dream of mine and what I’m working towards. And then I’ve started to write music for my next album – it’ll be interesting to see what comes!!

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