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Danté Most Reminisces on Lost Love in, “Like You Did (Feat. YNG REO)”

The Tampa-based r&b recording artist, producer, and singer-songwriter Danté Most is one of the most promising acts on the rise; no better way to prove this than his latest single and music video entitled "Like You Did (feat. YNG REO)."

Just over a year since releasing his debut single, "Matrix," Danté Most has been hard at work refining and sharpening his craft to reflect all that he is and stands for. The music he creates nestles in the arms of atmospheric and heartfelt r&b, centered around themes of the past, lost love, and attempting to navigate your way through emotional and turbulent scenarios.

Now teaming up with German producer Kingyyume and Canadian rapper/songwriter YNG REO for his latest single, "Like You Did (feat. YNG REO)," Danté Most also released a brilliant animated music video to emphasize the song's emotion and passion.

Hitting play on the single, "Like You Did (feat. YNG REO)," the song takes off with Kingyyume's breathtaking production and vocal chops that set the song's atmospheric, saddened, and emotional tone. As Danté Most's sonically delicious and smooth vocals make their way in, he begins to take us through the trials and tribulations of a breakup while reminiscing on someone's tender love and care.

About halfway through the song, YNG REO's low and calming vocals pour through our speakers with poise and composure while his delicate flow touches on his love and devotion for someone special. All in all, the collaboration between Danté Most, YNG REO, and Kingyyume is like no other; each artist brings a unique characteristic to keep us locked into the song's mesmerizing experience.

Catch Danté Most's latest single, "Like You Did (feat. YNG REO)," on all digital streaming platforms, and watch the song's music video on YouTube.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Danté Most. What a moving and emotional single you've released with "Like You Did (feat. YNG REO)." What inspired you to create this deeply passionate and honest single?

I got in my car and started driving around Tampa, late at night and freestyled the chorus until I caught a vibe. The rest of my contribution was effortless and manifested with ease. My lyrics definitely came from a real place and hold many truths. That has been synonymous with the majority of my songs to date. I always seem to tap into a primal place in my heart that I can’t deny being anything other than my soul. Hopes. Fears. Lust. Intrusive thoughts. They all play a huge part in my songwriting, which I’m oddly grateful for.

How did your collaboration with YNG REO and Kingyyume come about for "Like You Did (feat. YNG REO)?" Is this your first time working with these artists?

Yes. This is my first song with a feature as well as my first time holding a co-producer/executive producer role. YNG REO dm’d me on Instagram and literally said “Let’s work.” I didn’t know who he was at all, but I checked out his released music and knew he had crazy talent. I sent him 2 beats I made, and he picked the one for “Like You Did.” I discovered Kingyyume on the app “Clubhouse”. We were in a room where you could showcase anything you desired, and he chose to share his samples. They were fire, to say the least. Kingyyume creates unique samples and sounds that embody a lot of natural elements. I flipped his sample and it turned bright reflections into a moody escape that triggered so many emotions and memories.

Is it easy for you to be so vulnerable when writing your emotional and sentimental lyricism for "Like You Did (feat. YNG REO)?” What was the hardest part of that process?

I decided to be honest with myself a long time ago. It has helped me to become a purpose-built human being and artist. It’s not always easy to tap into my emotions but I believe listening to your heart can create channels for creativity and fulfillment. The hardest part for me is streamlining my thoughts. They can go everywhere. I must be very intentional about what I choose to say because I have to live with these expressions for the rest of my life.

Could you expand on our music video for "Like You Did (feat. YNG REO)"? Why did you choose to go for this atmospheric animation?

I reached out to Trendsetta Trev and told him the theme is reminiscence. He was able to touch on many aspects of wishful thinking. Taking ownership. Calling out flaws and mistakes. These are the moments of the past that transpired into a new perception, full of responsibility and grace. I really wanted there to be no choice but to immerse.


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