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DarioDMusic Releases “Takers”

DarioDMusic was born in Trinidad and Tobago and came up to Canada when he was 12 years old. He has always been a fan of music but has been writing since he was 13 years old. He’s currently still working on his debut project titled “Real Talk”. Dario dislikes limitations so he tries to be as versatile as possible so he isn’t limited to one specific genre of music. His style varies from Gospel to R&B, hip-hop, pop, and more. A strong believer in the idea that words holds power, he believes that as an artist they should be mindful of what they put out there in the world for them to repeat.

DarioDMusic released his single titled “Takers” featuring artist Britteny Manhertz. What was highly unique about this record was when Dario began rapping which was fluently prepossessing due to Dario’s highly intricate and stylistic flare to his delivery. Dario’s accent that would sound killer on a reggaeton beat was incorporated in this pop and rnb beat. “Takers” has an infectious hook. “Taking what you want from me” in an addictive tune and mesmerizing melody. The fusion of Britteny and Dario’s vocals created a lightly treaded sensual path to the dimensions of the music and that’s what we also enjoyed in the record. “Takers” sounds like it would blend in perfectly with the current “what’s hot?” generation we live in. I loved how “Takers” evoked the encouragement to repeatedly listen to this song. It was already eargasmic and eye catching enough after the first listen, however you find yourself thirsting for more with this extravagant and lush single. The glistening vocals, shimmering beat, and polished arrangement are the ingredients that help create the artist “DarioDMusic”

Listen to "Takers" here and get to know more about DarioDMusic below!

Do you recall the first ever song you wrote? Mind sharing with our readers the theme behind it!?

Lol I wrote my first song at the age of 13 and it was a worship song and I sang it at my church. I grew up in church my whole life and I'm still going strong lol. My first song was called “I’m alive in Christ” and that song was basically talking about Christ coming and dying for us so we don’t have to be separated from him because of sin which births spiritual death, to know God is to know life, cuz he died to give us spiritual life once u surrender your life to him. And as a result of that, even if you die and leave this earth, you're not dead, cuz your spirit is now alive with him where he abides which is in heaven. 

Have you noticed any major differences in your songwriting then to your songwriting now?

Yes!! My writing have definitely grown from the time I started, and I’ll say the biggest difference from then to now is my Approach in bringing froth the message I’m trying to bring. I am a Christian artist and I also started off doing music that only the people in church could understand, but there was a disconnect with the ones outside. And the Disconnect happened for a long time in gospel cuz it wasn’t Relatable to some things people were actually going through. So my Approach in bringing forth the message of the gospel in a way that it connects to people in the church and the ones out, would have to be the biggest difference I see in my writing today.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in creating “Takers”

Ah wow the biggest challenge I had in writing Takers was actually writing a song about takers! Lol I’ve heard Celebrities say that once’s opportunities started coming their way their Circle changed. And I feel like none of us ever sees that stuff happening to us cuz we think the people we have around us are Genuine. But sometimes all it takes to reveal the fakes is your blessing to come first. So the toughest thing in writing Takers was writing it cuz it came from an actual experience. 

What motivated you to write “takers” !?

What inspired me to write Takers was the fact that I Experienced it, and also around that same time I saw others going through the same thing as well. So I felt like it was something that needed to be addressed and I’m happy i did cuz the response has been amazing thus far. 

What’s next for you through 2019?

For 2019 I’m really focus on finishing up my  debut Album which would be called Real Talk. But I’m also excited to drop 2 more singles off my album and continue my Growth as an artist and hopefully inspire others to step outside of the box yet still staying true to yourself and what u believe in. 


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