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Dark Satellite Sonically Screams "Fatima," in an Irresistible Instrumental

Plunging into the depths of post-rock with their mammoth sound, the Bay Area-based band Dark Satellite hits our speakers with a thrilling thumper of a single entitled "Fatima."

Through their sophomore studio album, 'Alone with Everyone,' Dark Satellite used this project to release the culmination of several years in the studio practicing song experimentation. Also, a part of the Cactus House Recording crew in San Jose, Dark Satellite is incredibly eager to get back into performing and play as many shows as they possibly can.

Now delivering their sweltering single, "Fatima," off their sophomore studio album, 'Alone with Everyone,' this powerhouse instrumental grasps the undivided attention of any listener who lands on Dark Satellite's raw and cinematic sounds. Through impeccable transitions and robust melodies, Dark Satellite is genuinely making a massive mark on our independent music scene.

Diving headfirst into the single, "Fatima," the song takes off with a heavily distorted electric guitar whaling its way to the foreground alongside thumping upbeat drum breaks. Once the powerful rhythm guitar strikes our speakers with nothing but energy and strength, Dark Satellite later transitions into a heavy tempo change where they focus on their brilliant guitar arrangements.

We can feel solid active/post-rock vibes from this monster of a single, as Dark Satellite delivers various switch-ups and transitions that tell their own sonic story without the need of a vocalist. Leading us towards the bridge, we're drenched in the emotional and resilient catharsis that Dark Satellite's distorted guitars deliver, making their way to the fiery outro without a dull moment in sight.

Allow Dark Satellite to fuel your fire with their brilliant and bursting single, "Fatima," off their sophomore album, 'Alone with Everyone.' Now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dark Satellite. We're banging our heads to the heavy beat and rhythm of your latest single, "Fatima." Was there a particular story you wanted to convey through your instrumentals within this track?

Since Fatima is one track without any vocals, we all tried to play our instruments with as much energy and let's say "Pazazz" as we could. Wanted to keep the upbeat feeling going until dropping it suddenly. You know, kinda like a Hitchcock movie. There were many variations and years playing this song live and in the studio. The main riff was created by Charlie (lead guitarist) when he was 15 years old. Feels good to finally put it to use and to rest. Fatima is the one song we intended on the instruments being the main focus. Wanted them to be the voice of the song and the driving force.

Could you inform us of the members within your band and how you went about creating the single "Fatima?" Do you have a specific creative process that works best for your band?

Members of Dark Satellite: David Adler (Vocals / Bass) Charlie Hanlon (Lead Guitar) Trevor Gabriel (Lead Vocals / Guitar) Gabe Horn (Drums) The formation of Fatima began as a combination of riffs. There were a few other variations of the song but it was mainly ordering these guitar riffs in such a way that made the song have a sense of direction. Most of our songs just start as guitar riffs. We practice and do improv sessions on them. They eventually turn into songs over time. That has been the band's technique for some time. We never forced a song to be finished or sound like something.

Seeing that "Fatima" lands in the mid-section of your recent album, 'Alone with Everyone,' how does the single keep listeners engaged and eager to continue listening to the entire project at hand? Why did you choose to place the single where you did?

We chose to place the song in the middle because it seems to be a good shift in style and mood. Towards the end of the album, many of the songs get "heavier" and "darker" let's say. We wanted it to feel like it came out of nowhere. Catch the listener off guard. Figured since it was the one song without vocals, the middle of the album is a great place for it to stand on its own.

Have you noticed much growth in listeners and fans after releasing your recent album, 'Alone with Everyone'? Did you garner the success and traction you were aiming for?

Yes, definitely. Many new listeners to the band. Been getting lots of attention since the release of the album. "Alone with Everyone" grabbed the attention of many, familiar and new. We have the cd for sale on the Cactus House Recording site as well as Spotify. We are doing what we can as a band to be engaged. But once shows become a regular routine again we're positive the traction would grow even more.

What's next for you?

Play shows and write. Charlie (lead guitar) has a surplus of riffs, just waiting to have songs formatted around. We really can't wait to get back out there and play live shows. We're all really eager to meet new people and bands and get back into the music scene. Possibly do a tour. Ideas and designs for the next album are already in the works.



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