Dark Satellite Sonically Screams "Fatima," in an Irresistible Instrumental

Plunging into the depths of post-rock with their mammoth sound, the Bay Area-based band Dark Satellite hits our speakers with a thrilling thumper of a single entitled "Fatima."

Through their sophomore studio album, 'Alone with Everyone,' Dark Satellite used this project to release the culmination of several years in the studio practicing song experimentation. Also, a part of the Cactus House Recording crew in San Jose, Dark Satellite is incredibly eager to get back into performing and play as many shows as they possibly can.

Now delivering their sweltering single, "Fatima," off their sophomore studio album, 'Alone with Everyone,' this powerhouse instrumental grasps the undivided attention of any listener who lands on Dark Satellite's raw and cinematic sounds. Through impeccable transitions and robust melodies, Dark Satellite is genuinely making a massive mark on our independent music scene.

Diving headfirst into the single, "Fatima," the song takes off with a heavily distorted electric guitar whaling its way to the foreground alongside thumping upbeat drum breaks. Once the powerful rhythm guitar strikes our speakers with nothing but energy and strength, Dark Satellite later transitions into a heavy tempo change where they focus on their brilliant guitar arrangements.

We can feel solid active/post-rock vibes from this monster of a single, as Dark Satellite delivers various switch-ups and transitions that tell their own sonic story without the need of a vocalist. Leading us towards the bridge, we're drenched in the emotional and resilient catharsis that Dark Satellite's distorted guitars deliver, making their way to the fiery outro without a dull moment in