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Darkness Turns to Light in KAIS' Recent Release

KAIS is an award-winning Canadian, Jordanian-born singer, songwriter, and producer. Consisting of Kais Khoury (vocals & guitars), Andreas Matheou (lead guitar & bass), and Julien Koukkides (drums), KAIS was recognized as one of the first artists to jumpstart the thriving indie rock scene of Jordan, which marked the first of their international accolades.

Fresh off the release of their soul-laden single, “Dark Side of the Light,” KAIS has said, “Dark Side of the Light reflects the power of love, its ability to cast you into depression (the ‘Dark Side’) and how much the ones we love can represent the light.”

As you simmer in the psychedelic ambiance that is, “Dark Side of the Light,” you are offered up to the illuminating experience of KAIS. Delving into a mid to upbeat tempo that rhythmically rides your vibrations, this sonic expedition allows you to become one with the reverberated essence that sweeps you into a realm of newfangled glory.

Thriving in the fortified opulence of each shimmering element, the perfect balance of high and low-end frequencies allows the top-tier production quality to blister in an Alt-Rock trance. Pushing the envelope of tried and true resonance, the composition reflects on numerous components that create a thoroughgoing mind-altering escapade for listeners to metaphorically sink their teeth into.

Spellbinding in the tenors that shift our perspective to an atmosphere custom to KAIS, the organic beauty that is drawn from “Dark Side of the Light,” drizzles into our hearts and minds with a thorough sweep of emotions present. Utilizing their multifaceted heritage in their sound which allows syncopated funk-fueled guitars to run laps around the entirety of this masterpiece, you also find yourself fixated upon the infectious bass grooves, and tightly knit drum patterns that have the emergent vocals explode upon impact.

Capturing the yearning for lost lovers to witness success while offering up a simple reminder that relationships always involve a battle against temptation, KAIS has swaddled us in yet another Alt-Rock anthem that remains timeless.



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