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Darrell Kelley Delivers Sensational Vibes Ever With “Beautiful”

Leave your preconceptions and baggage behind and come aboard to take a spiritual journey with Darrell Kelley. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Darrell Kelley possesses a significant amount of talents ranging from entrepreneurship, spiritual leading and an author. Relocating to the great state of Georgia, Darrell Kelley founded the legendary Soul Delicious Grill and Buffet restaurant where bountiful plates of delectably prepared meals are accompanied by the sweet sounds of R&B and Gospel music. He also uses his time to serve as the pastor of “The Pathway Gospel Ministry Church”.

Darrell Kelley released his single “Beautiful” and this song was a complete surprise to us! Knowing that Darrell Kelley is highly spiritual, it’s easy to assume the genre of his music. Yet, we were pleasantly shocked by the danceable tune that hit us! The experience of listening to “Beautiful” is similar to connecting with your inner higher-self. It’s magical. Therefore, this goes hand in hand with what Darrell Kelley represents and who he is as an artist. “Beautiful” was like the icing on top of the cake to a sensational production and beat that will have you grooving. The rhythmical track took me into a place of escape. Its paradise like vibes made me felt as if I was certainly apart of the summer mood. Darrell Kelley gives the uppermost satisfying atmosphere that you can find yourself soaking in the vibrations from the song. “Beautiful” is undeniably a hit that that you need to add to your summer playlists! Be sure to connect with Darrell Kelley on social media and check out the music video for "Beautiful" below!


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